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Movie Night

Awesome. Just set up the blog, and I’m sitting at a movie night being totally unsocial… which made me think just how social is a movie night? I mean, sure there’s a lot of banter goes on when the films not playing, but when it IS playing everybody watches and maybe one or two comical comments are made every wee while, and everybody has a great night. So what is the attraction of movie nights? When you go to a movie night, you’ve already seen a good portion of the movies… there isn’t as much time to chat as there would be if you weren’t watching movies.

So whats the attraction of a movie night?

Well I’ve been thinking about that for the last half hour of Despicable Me, and I think I’ve come to a conclusion.

Movie nights are about being collectively anti-social. You get to sit in a room, and watch a whole bunch of movies, and are occasionally social. But you get to count the whole thing as social occasion and feel good about yourself. Well thats why I go.


Comments on: "Movie Night" (2)

  1. Hey!!! You no want movie night, you no have to come!!!!

  2. Hey! I love movie night. I think they’re great, and I think the movie nights you host a way above par. Wouldn’t miss them for…ummm…. sleep!

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