Is there a 'solution' to life?

So, when I first started my blog, about 3-4 days ago, I thought I’d manage to make an interesting blog post everyday. As you can see, we are on day 4(just) and this is a measly second post. So obviously I overestimated either my ability to be profound and insightful, or I’m just not looking at it the right way round. I was watching “Sherlock” the BBC series, and in it, Doctor Watson has been blogging their adventures and Sherlock, not impressed at one or two of the descriptions the kind doctor gives him, makes a snappish comment about blogs. Sherlock says

All that matters to me is the work; with out that my brain rots, put that in your blog or better yet stop inflicting your opinions on the world.

So I thought I’d put it in mine.

That got me thinking, is this blog going to be me just throwing a random series of words into cyberspace? Or is it going to be (hopefully) at least; thought provoking, stimulating, different and/or mildly amusing.

So how am I going to achieve my goal, and become a successful blogger? I have no clue. Well to start I’m going to have to go out and find things to write about, and generally live my life in a way that’s different from everybody else… to find a uniqueish point of view on the world, and then write about it, obviously, in a way that highlights things you wouldn’t normally think about. I’ll have to work on my presentation skills to keep you interested past the first 4 or 5 lines.

This whole being a successful blogger thing is going to be quite difficult I think, so why am I even bothering? Well firstly I enjoy expressing my views on the world how ever I can, so a blog is a perfect place to do so. Secondly it is a challenge, and everybody loves a challenge. As I’ve quoted Sherlock saying “All that matters to me is the work” Sherlock enjoys his work because it challenges him. So if we take Sherlock and myself as typical humans (in general I accept this isn’t easy) as I think in this aspect we are. Challenge, is what drives us, if you don’t have any goals or ambitions what would you do with your life? Next to nothing I’m sure. Everybody has dreams they are what motivates us.

Now I’m highly competitive, so I’ll always accept a challenge (where appropriate) and do my best to complete it. Now, being competitive I’m looking for the hardest challenge of all, the most difficult thing to do in the world, and to quote

I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self. -Aristotle

Well, the challenge is set. It was set well over 2300 years ago, and this defiantly seems to be a challenge. Thinking about it, who do I know that always in perfect control of themselves? Well to be honest, nobody, everybody makes mistakes. So now I have a challenge that I can’t really complete. Fantastic, something to keep me motivated in improving myself.

The thing is though, this is a battle between me and myself, so logically, I can only win… right? Well, no, really I can only loose, because how can I conquer myself, I’m equally matched by myself. The best I’m going to get is a draw, or temporary victories lasting short periods of time.

The only way for me to win, is to go for help… which as a competitive person is really rather hard for me… Who could I possibly turn to for help in a battle between me and myself? It’s going to have to be somebody who knows me better then I know myself (we’re now talking about maybe 3/4 people in the world) and that person has to be in control of themselves, now we’re talking about nobody. Who can I turn to for help now?



Ok so thats about what I had when I posted on Saturday morning, the endings a bit different and doesn’t come to a neat conclusion. But thats OK cause I’m going to blog again about tonight and how I’ve stumbled across somebody who’s been in my situation… His name is David.


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