Is there a 'solution' to life?

So, I’ve been pretty lazy the last few days, after handing in my essay for uni, I’ve been spending all day in bed, and all night on my laptop… while in bed. So I was strugling for something to blog about, what with the lack of stimulus etc etc.
So, I turned to ye not so olde facebook. Asked for some advice on what to comment on and got some interesting responses
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pseudoscorpions, Who would win between Chuck Norris versus Bizzaro Norris!!? (I’m ignoring that one because it’s just so obvious that Chuck would win…. it doesn’t need commenting on) one of my best friends suggested “me :)” but I comment about me in every post, so I have no idea what she could mean ūüėČ Nikola Tesla, fantastic inventor, and the final comment “NARCISSISM” which is a topic close to my heart… and personality.

So, I did promise to blog on all of these topics at somepoint over the next week, and I am very lazy, so I figured that it’s surely going to be time saving by writing about all of them at once? and hopefully staying within a reasonable length (as if, each post has been long then the past and i’m no C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER). Well, lets start with Arny, known by myself for his performance in Terminator and 2012, movies which leave much to be desired, but have their ups and downs. certainly I didn’t finish them and ask for my time back. To be honest, I don’t have much more to say about the old Guv’n’r of California.

So from an man who is known from his muscles to a creature misunderstood and no doubt¬†misrecognized¬†– the¬†Pseudoscorpian and because I’m keeping my word count down, have a link and use the tab function in which ever web browser your using!¬†

Ok, so now, if you’ve read the article you know as much as I do about these insects, which is¬†minuscule¬†(ha ha) and we have to wonder what this tiny seemingly insignificant insect could possibly be connected with The Terminator, or Nikola Tesla – So far, I’m stumped, but I’ll come up with something before I hit the 800 word wall (i hope, or i’ll edit that to 1000 word wall xD)

Nikola Tesla, an engineer, like myself, but a bit older, a bit deader, and a bit more Austrian…. just like Arnold – BAM connection – he was into electricity, and created the Tesla coil, something we’ve probably all got some vague ideal of what it does, involving trained¬†lightning, sparks and blue flashes.

To be honest, the only experiance I have with practical electricity, and sparks, is a Van de Graf generator, in my Advanced Physics class, where we turned ourselves into capactiors, by standing on chairs, and blasting people with fairly large sparks, aimed at teeth, ears and possibly even an eye at one point. Needless to say, we where stopped before anybody could be maimed or killed, or even marked in a semi lasting fashion. School, what kill joys right?


So what have we got so far, an actor, an engineer, a pathetically small insect, with an exoskeleton, and I’m still to do “me” and “NARCISSISM”

Well, I feel I can link all of these in my next 100 words, talk about myself, and then use another 50 or so to makes a thought provoking conclusion… reach for the stars right? (this plan takes me to 700, I’m leaving myself some leeway)


Right, well, I’m an engineer, a bit self centered, have a high opinion of myself, and a¬†ridiculously¬†thick skin (exoskeleton thick maybe?) and like most men, I can act better then you’d think by looking at me. ¬†(just reached the “this is rubbish lets delete it and start again point, but resisted the temptation). I guess other then these and a few other vague¬†descriptions¬†I can’t really do much better in describing who I am, I could mention that I have blue eyes, I’m about 5″10 (Arny connection,¬†rumor¬†has he’s 5″10 not 6″2, and that he just wears lifts in his shoes.¬†Scandal.) My hair is nondescript in color – somewhere between brown and blonde and slightly longer then Average.

This feels lacking because thats just a bit about me… it’s not who I am… you can describe somebody a million different ways. No two people will¬†describe¬†another the same way.

So if we can’t describe ourselves accurately, can we¬†truly¬†know ourselves? I don’t know myself very well… I just kinda go with my own unique flow, I’m willing to bet that my closer friends, and my family, could tell you more about who am I then I could.

So, here’s two questions and a challenge,

How well do you know yourself?

Could you get to know yourself better?

and there’s the challenge, over the next week, live as you normally do, but take 5-10 mins at the end of the day, or the end of the week, and think back over the choices you’ve made, examine your actions, is there anything you want to change?

I know when I look back over my week, I’ll find plenty I wish I could change about my week, and probably a fair few things I want to change about myself!


Thanks for reading,

(NB this was totally going to be about choices, and now it’s about me, meh.)


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