Is there a 'solution' to life?

Ok, so I’m continuing in my promise to at least mention the comments on that facebook status, and I’m semi regretting it now I’ve worked my way down to Rachel, she’s pretty cool, and fairly off the wall as you can see by the title.

Ok, so lets take two pictures… one of a man, and one of a tree. Where do they over lap?

Well lets take a look

Where they cross over.

Well, thats not hugely helpful. So lets think about a deeper level then physical when it comes to humans and trees…

We share the same goals in “life” that is – Continue existing. Spawn more zerglings. Err have kids and thats about it by way of goals of a tree, and thats not all that far from human needs anyways.

We manage to do these two things in much the same way when you get right down to it, to survive trees have to become the biggest, most obvious… and they put out as much as they can.

Well, how to humans attempt to achive these goals? Well we go through school and apply ourselves to our studies (HA good one right?) from school onto Uni, college or a job. How to we get ourselves into one of these establishments? We make ourselves stand out from the crowd, write a CV or personal statement, and use unique phrases like, strong leadership skills, I work well in a group, enthusiastic and many more phrases which make us stand out from the rest of the world. In other words… we build ourselves up, so that we are the biggest and best looking on our CVs. Well… that works out just fine same as it does for trees… as for humans and reproduction, well… see my next post for that (Cheers, Marsailidh, for your suggestion).

So thats how we’re similar to trees… it’s not much, the same connection all living creatures share. So if your looking at it from a point of you are what you want to be… then your a tree.

Thinking more realistically we’re not trees. We’re not related to trees. We don’t look like trees. We don’t think like trees (although some people I have doubts about the truth of that last statement). So we’re not trees in any way shape or form.

Reality in life is pretty tough. Looking at the world today, we see a lot stuff we don’t want to think about… remember those adverts on TV that you change channel when they come on? I’m not talking about go compare, I’m talking about the NSPCC, NSPCA and the help starving children in Africa. Those ones we try to forget about. You know what I mean.

There’s natural disasters going on all over the world… our “role models” are normally in the news for haircuts, drinking, sexual promiscuity and drugs. Gee western society. Lets get ourselves back in order… Stop looking at our reflection in the mirror, and thinking about what I could change to make MY life better… and start looking at the rest of the world, and think about what WE can do to make OUR lives better… and in the process make other people’s lives better to.

You don’t need to go to Africa to start changing the world. Lets all start in our own lives. 3 times a week, do somebody else a favor, and when they try and do you one back, pay me back by paying it forwards… do somebody else a favor, and get them to do the same.

Watch the movie “Pay it Forwards” and think about how far would you go to help somebody else? Trevor goes pretty far… How far will you go to help somebody else?

Thanks for reading



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