Is there a 'solution' to life?

Ok, so sex… everybody’s heard of sex… and if some how you haven’t at least you are a  product of sex!

So the other week I did this stupid facebook think asking for blog topics… and I got sex as the last topic to blog about… Although my friend was quick to point out she meant my views on it…

Right, well… my views on sex are fairly biblical *everybody stops reading* I go for the whole no sex before marriage…

Although this is what I believe depressingly for me, but maybe not for the rest of you, it’s not what society believes…

Society tells us that sex is the best, it’s what defines you as a human being and if your not getting any, then you don’t count as a proper person…

lets be honest… sex does NOT define us. Having lots of sex doesn’t make you successful, having no sex doesn’t make you a failure… I think our modern obsession with sex is all to do with our obsession for LOVE. Thats right… the word we (maybe just me) don’t like to use… ever.

To be honest (as I always am) I think that society leaves us hungering for love… everybody places themselves first. “I’m number one, I’m the best of the best.” Maybe what we should do, is think not just about “number one” being ourselves… but “number one” being more then just ourselves… So today is the first day of lent (just) so I offer you this challenge… over lent, don’t place yourself first… and go chasing after what you want, but think about more then just our bodily desires, but how about looking after the person next to you…

We all know somebody on the edge of our friend group… how about over the next few weeks, you invite them out for a drink, or a coffee or whatever, and get to know the person you where thinking of right there, try and get to know them, not the person you think they are, or who you think they represent, but the person they are inside, past the skin-deep view we’re taught to see these days….

Cheers for reading

(yeah I know, I need a decent sign off tag, I’m working on it)


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