Is there a 'solution' to life?


Ok, so I’ve been avoiding my blog, like its the plague. Mainly because it keeps asking me to “enable publicize : Facebook” which I’ve given up for Lent – it hasn’t been easy.

The other reason is a combination of laziness and unwilling to throw my thoughts out there – I mean they’re my thoughts, why should I give them to you guys?

Which leads to the obvious question – why am I blogging now?

Well, I was watching House M.D. (great show) season 6, episode 14, and the patient is an avid blogger, who posts everything that goes on in her life. At one point she says to her boyfriend “I hate that you don’t have a blog, I can’t tell what your thinking.” Which made me think… Obviously we are all different, nobody thinks the same way, ask two people to answer the same question, you might get the same answer, but would you get the exact same working? I don’t think so.

I know I go through some pretty weird thought processes, I think best with plenty of distractions, I work better at maths while having music pumped into my skull so loud I’m sure my brain vibrates, when I’m reading I like to sit with background noise, like traffic or bird song. Which tells you nothing about how I think, just where I like to think.

So how do I think? other then synapses firing, what kind of process do I go through to come up with a solution? Well, I could bore you with a hundred word paragraph or I could some it up with “let the sub-conscious do it’s job.” Which actually now I’ve written it down, seems to be pretty spot on.

So, when I’ve got a blog post to write, I start of with a key theme… Thinking… and then jump right in, get a paragraph or two, get the starter out the way before starting on the main meal.

Then I get the next bit down, re-read and scrap it. Re-write it, on the same theme, but with a different presentation (this section went from how I solve a maths problem to how I go about blogging, and no, I don’t know where it’s going next). At that point, I know the center piece of the blog, and I know the way I’m cooking it, but I don’t know the flavorings – I’ve got my bread and bacon, but I’ve not picked lettuce and tomato to make it more interesting.

Ok, so I’ve done the starter, main course(ish) and now I’m getting round to desert (which makes me realize this has to be a sweet section). The last part of my blogging process is the bit when I reflect on what I’ve just written (and force myself not to delete it all) and consider what I think about what I’ve been thinking. I get around to pulling together all the bits and pieces together, and end it with a paragraph that pretends to be profound, but it’s just an everyday thought in new packaging, while hoping it’s going to make you stop and think, for 5 seconds, about yourself. (guess where I’m going now)

Past, present, future. Where is your focus when your thinking? Do you wake up and think “whats the plan for today” do you fall asleep thinking “what did I do today?” or do you fall asleep thinking “What am I doing tomorrow?” Maybe you just fall asleep, and just wake up, let the day take you where it will.

Cheers for reading (yeah, still working on the sign off/ after dinner mints)


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