Is there a 'solution' to life?

I’m back, where? Left right and centre. Back on Facebook (at long last!), back in Tongue ( and I do love Tongue) and I’m back to work.

I thought I’d blog about my trip back up since it has a classic Andrew moment – or series there of.

Tuesday morning –
7am wake up

7:01am Back to sleep.

8:03am wake up again, look at time panic. Grab a quick shower, get dressed head round to the bank, find I need to go to another person ’cause they don’t have the right people in to do what I want.

9:30am go to bus stop for bus into town after a panicked few mins of frantic packing.

9:37am catch bus, read metro, mentally whine about how heavy my bags are (25 kilos, seriously, I have that many clothes + laptop weight!?)

9:50am ish. Into town, get to bank, head to bus station, stopping at every bus stop for a rest (25 kilos, wasn’t used to it Q.Q)

10:34am Get bus to Inverness.

11:47am ish Laptop runs out of battery, Boredom arrives. (metro left on 41)

12:57pm ish probably sooner.
People get onto the bus, as you’d expect, sitting in my own wee world when a voice says “Mind if I sit here?” I look up, the voice is directed at me.

“Oh, yeah sure,” My mildly confused response, hadn’t noticed bus was full enough for that. I shift my stuff and move to allow the random stranger to sit down. I take a look at her, She’s quite pretty, blonde appears to be just older then me, maybe  just over 20. I think “I have been chosen”, thinking of Michael Mcintyre, and being mildly amused.

Now at this point many of you might sigh at me, with good reason, I do have my reputation >..> Which is probably not really deserved any more, but what ever.

So I gave her a moment or two to settle down, relax, absorb the “atmosphere” of the bus, open with the classic line…

“So, where you headed?” At this point, the bus isn’t stopping anywhere other then Inverness ( I think, didn’t really pay attention to the road from this point)

The response, blunt, probably a “why are you talking to me” tone of voice “Inverness… you?”

“Tongue” gives it a moment to settle in. “Up on the north coast”

Conversation ensues I’ll not bore you with the details.

After about 15-30 mins I say, “Sorry, I’m Andrew, whats your name” smiling at the fact it has been a fair while since we started talking. She gives me her name back, but I’ll not give it to you, save the poor girl any embarrassment.

“That’s a nice name, but I have to warn you… I have a terrible memory for names, but I doubt I’ll forget your face. . . Great memory for faces” At this point I have to admit to thinking, right, that’s the first name, half way to a facebook….

after maybe an hour of conversation I ask what her sister’s doing, studying for a PhD… “So is she going to go for the whole Doctor title when she’s finished?”

‘Bus Girl’ says ” I don’t know, she’s not that pretentious” In what I was fairly sure is STILL the “WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME” tone of voice, but I carried on regardless, as she fell into my cunning trap.

“Well I guess it depends how it would suit though, it would be Doctor….” I have to admit that was a sly way of getting a last name, and hence a facebook profile 😛

It also worked.

So, we arrive in Inverness, get out the bus, try to not get crushed in the rush to get bags out the side of the bus, get our bags etc etc and are standing in the bus shelter, when I throw out, from no where, “So, if I still remember your name when I get in I’ll add you on facebook.” No just kidding, just a cheeky wee smile. Balls to the wall. That is two months running with a completely outrageous comment that should get me KB’d (from a club the first time), sometimes I get all the luck.

So where am I going with this story? because lets be honest, I could summarise it as “I added the girl I met on the bus on facebook” and you will still not care just as much as before. Well I was thinking back on it, and realised (because I was clearly oblivious to this fact before) that life is all about human interaction – not sitting behind a screen all day “talking” to people. It’s about going out in to the big bad world, and meeting people, getting to know each other, taking opportunities, relentless persistence and a hint of luck.

If you don’t go for something you won’t get it. Happiness isn’t handed to you. You have to go out there and find it.

Still working on a sign out….


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