Is there a 'solution' to life?


Yeah so it’s been ages since my last blog post… blah blah excuse for lazyness and lack of inspiration… blah blah… Anyways here we go for another blog… enjoy.
So, I’m sure we’ve all heard the myth about human communication being “93% non-verbal”

This is of course complete rubbish – the majority of the time.

“One study at UCLA indicated that up to 93 percent of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues. Another study indicated that the impact of a performance was determined 7 percent by the words used, 38 percent by voice quality, and 55 percent by the nonverbal communication”.

Article Source:

However, the 93% myth isn’t that inaccurate when human are communicating about their emotions and attitudes on life.

Now, I consider myself a keen practical psychologist… that is, I don’t know much about the science of psychology, but I am fairly good at reading body language, facial micro expressions and gestural emblems.

This does make some things more interesting, such as when I was on a video call to one of my friends, code named Tiger. We were chatting away on Skype… having two conversations at once. There we were speaking to each other verbally, and then simultaneously reading the other person’s reactions to what we were saying, and reading the other person reading them… into a cyclic mess.

However, it was hilarious, as we kept on saying something, and then making slightly exaggerated  expressions that weren’t quite right for the conversation, to try and distract the other person.

So, Tiger, got back to me after that conversation and was all like, “You should blog again…” and I was like, “would love to, if I could only think of a topic? “Well Tiger said “The Space-time Continuum” or Communication. I hope you‘ve realised which I chose.

So, what deep (lol) or profound (also lol) thought can I bring out for communication?

Well lets start “When, Why, How, and Where”

I’ve already  covered a bit of the “How” I’m going to avoid the where, because its basically everywhere.

When is the same, its all the time we’re around other humans we’re communicating with them, even when we’re trying not to!

So, Why do we communicate with other humans?

Do we communicate because we’re social animals? Because we want something from our fellow man? Maybe we communicate because that’s how we were made!

If you watch videos/ read  true stories about people stranded alone on desert islands, you’ll see them go crazy… because they have nobody to talk to, the whole issue they have is that they can’t communicate with anybody; they/we can’t cope without communicating with somebody or something! SOMEHOW!

So, we communicate to stop ourselves going crazy… but why do we go crazy without communication?

Well I think a big part of communication is about communicating with God, because if you don’t communicate with God, then your kinda missing out on the best bits of life.

So I think the reason we need to communicate with other humans is two-fold. Firstly, we feel the need to communicate with others because we benefit from that, we stay sane, we find that other humans can give us things we need, in-exchange for things they need.

As well as this, I think is the need we feel as spiritual beings to communicate with out spiritual Father… That is to say,  we need to speak to God because that’s how He made us! (The same way your biological parents want you to speak to them (a fair bit of the time anyway.) Then considering that we don’t speak to God as often as we should (Well I know I don’t and I communicate with him fairly often :P) We search for the same connection we’d feel with God, in other people.

Which I think is why sometimes other people just get on our nerves… because they aren’t who you want to be speaking to.

Anyways, cheers for listening/read

Hope you didn’t look at the title, scroll down and go “TL;DR”


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