Is there a 'solution' to life?

So, its one week on from the last blog and I’m actually blogging again, which is unlike me, but I have nothing else to do.

Have you ever wondered why Pringles are so addictive? Why, once you pop, you just can’t stop?

Well it works like this, the instant that first Pringle hits your tongue your brain receives A MASSIVE TASTE SENSATION, the combination of salt, flavour and crunchyness is so good, your body goes… I want that hit again.

So, you eat another one, but it’s just not as good, you’re mouth remembers the first time, and the shock, and is like, “wasn’t as good” so, you try again.

Thats pringle number 3 now, and this time, it’s not even as good as it was the first time… Foiled. (and I’m not talking about the packaging)

You’re never going to get that hit you got the first time, but you can hardly stop yourself from trying…

So, what happens when you reach the end of the tube? You either get another one, normally too much effort, or you go without, until you next happen across some pringles.

Now, when you open the second tube of pringles… some time later (by which point, I’d like to assume its been at least a day, and you’re body’s forgotten the sweet taste of salty pringles….)

So, you open the second tube, and eat the first pringle… it’s like… nothing you can imagine (unless you can imagine what its like to eat a pringle after a week or two) Yeah, it is amazing, the rush of salt and the taste etc etc etc. Pringles are awesome, and this one tastes like it was the KING of all pringles. It’s better then the first one from the first tube, so clearly, the second one must be better… No. It’s not.

So, how do we cope with this kind of “addiction”?

Firstly, we forget. Forgetting is a blessing, and something I’m good at, just ask my parents when it comes to Chores (but seriously, that’s not a good bit… this is) When we forget things that hurt, or things we’re addicted to we can move on, or at least try to. We subconsiously try to find something to replace that addiction, sometimes we’re successful… and we spend the next 3 months, 6 months maybe even two years, eating Doritos… but it’s not the same, and one day, You’ll see the tub of Pringles, and the memories, and the cravings come running back… and you just can’t help yourself.

So, what is a more permanent method of moving past addiction?

Getting help… that is, somebody to help you move away from your addiction… the nature of moving away from Pringles will hurt you, and “self preservation” as the body sees it… that is preservation of the high, will try and force you to get that high again.

So get somebody to help you stay away from the source.

Get your life back on track… start eating apples etc instead of Pringles… find other things to fill the time you spent eating Pringles.

Make sure that the things you spend your time on are enjoyable and involve other people.

Do you’re best to avoid temptation… Don’t walk down the Pringle isle at Tesco’s (bah more product placement… seriously… sponsorship?) But instead walk down the fruit isle, or just keep your eyes left, what ever.

So three steps (thats me, the three step plan man)

1) Get somebody to keep you on track and help with the other stages.
2) Fill the time spent on eating Pringles, doing things that are positive – work, having fun seeing friends etc…
3) Avoid things that remind you of eating the delicious Pringles.

Thats the way the pringle crumbles?

Cheers for reading.


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