Is there a 'solution' to life?

Well, it’s been about a week and so that means blog time again. I was a bit delayed with attempting to post yesturday, but work hours got in the way, and I wasn’t really awake enough to write cohesively… saying that, I don’t write that well anyhow.

It’s been a long stressful set of shifts at work, and I’ve been thinking about leaving my current job as a waiter, and getting a job in a MUCH (like 1/100th of the distance) closer hotel, as a Kitchen porter – that is to say, dishes, helping chef with veggies etc, and just being useful.

Which kind of led to the blog topic of “Why is the Grass Always Greener?” Combined with a helping hand in generic topics from one of my best friends Tegan, I wound up thinking about why do we want what we can’t have?

Coming up christmas/birthdays and we start thinking about all the cool stuff we’ve wanted for FOREVER and we’re like BUY ME THINGS! Things get bought. Presents are recived, and you get that cool thing you’ve wanted for like, forever ago – 2 weeks lets be honest. You get it out the box, and play with it for 5-10 mins and are like… this is cool.

3 hours later. I’m bored now. Lets do something else.

Before you’d used it, you where thinking about how you’d play with it for days and days, without stopping for anything. Screw food, sleep? that’s for chumps. Liquids? Who needs liquid? drink now means you have to get up later anyways… unless your Bear Gryls, then you don’t have to get up the first time.

Well firstly humans are curious, and wanting to know what an unknown is plays a major part in the Grass is always greener syndrome (GIAG Syndrome from here… lazy I know)
Secondly, we’re never sure what we have is the best… we think that there could maybe, just maybe be something better then what we have… Like the Pringle, maybe the next thing will be better then the last one?

And don’t get me wrong, sometimes the grass really is greener, such as when you’re in school thinking “I wish I was outside” the grass outside, is greener.

But it isn’t always a good thing, running to and fro can lead to wasted money, broken relationships, laziness and un-productiveness.

So, while we should maintain our curiosity, like cats, we should remember that unlike cats, when killed, satisfaction, will not bring us back.

By which I mean, once you’ve committed to something stick with it. (and I know, I such at doing that, but I’m better then I was, I’ve stuck with getting better at sticking with things.

Thanks for reading.


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