Is there a 'solution' to life?

So, when I finished blogging yesterday, I wasn’t really happy with where it ended up, I thought about doing a follow up – this thinking took place during work.

When I was starting to plan it out on my cycle home from a friends (about 2am…) I was like… two parts? That doesn’t seem quite right stage wise, given what I was thinking about saying. So, now, we now have a three parter! Thats right, a three part series on transformation. Sweet, and anyway, who does a two part series? Two part episode maybe, series? Never.

So, yesterday, I was talking about, well tons of things but really my point was this, God sent Jesus to die for us. Because of that, we can live new lives! Well, to that your first thought may well have been… So what?

Well, it’s a three step process, Understanding WHY, HOW should I respond? and WHAT do I do next? Yesterday was WHY, today is HOW and tomorrow is WHAT.

Well, the first part of HOW, is acceptance – when you accept that Jesus died for you then we can move on to what that means, and how to respond to it.

Ok, so I accept that Jesus died for me, what of it? Well, Jesus’ death is important because when he died, our sin – that is everything we’ve done wrong, EVER, died with him.

This means we can start fresh, we can clean out all the bad stuff, clean it out, get rid of it.

How do I go about cleaning out my life?

Well, it’s simple really, talk to God, pray something like this – but in your own words. Because it’s not you doing the cleaning, but God!

“Dear God, I know I’ve messed up, and I’m really sorry. Help me to not do it again, and that I’d get to know you better”

That’s when God comes, He takes away this sin – the bad bits, and makes us new.

What do we do after He’s cleaned out our lives? After we’ve prayed this prayer? Come back this evening/ tomorrow morning to find out!


Comments on: "Transformation – Part 2: So what?" (2)

  1. Do remember though, it’s not us doing the cleaning, it’s God who comes and sorts us out 🙂

    • Indeed! We’re only be cleaned out because of the death of Jesus.And it’s only by praying and asking God to “clean” us, that we become “clean”

      Yeah edited and tidied it up on that point a wee bit. Cheers!

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