Is there a 'solution' to life?

Hey everybody, sorry about the delay since the last post, illness and work transpired against me. However feeling much better today, and I have some time off, so I thought I’d start off blogging.

For those of you who don’t know, my Dad is the local Minister up here. In church on Sunday morning, he asked some questions (since it’s a small congregation – good %age of the population mind) expecting some answers.

Who are you? – how would you describe yourself to somebody else?

Well, up here, I’d probably introduce myself as “Hi, I’m Andrew, the Minister’s son” So I offered “Minister’s Son”. Which got a wee chuckle.


What are you? – a blunt question to b e sure, I didn’t offer an answer, but if I had, it would have been “Minister’s Son”

Q3) Up next we had –

Why do you come to Church? – there was a bit of chat about why this question had come up, and it wasn’t so Dad could do a sales pitch (at least, I don’t think it was)

To which, I felt my responce shouldn’t really be “Minister’s son” but since my Mum lent over and whispered in my ear, “Minister’s Son?” I felt I could pass it on.

Chuckles all round to be sure.

However, it was interesting, I often ask myself, “Who am I?” and ponder over how other people perceive me. I’m guessing the reasoning for that is two pronged. Searching to know who I actually am, surely I must be more than the long haired guy on my course, or the geek from highschool? Well, as much as I am those things, I’m surely something more, hence the reflection – and no. I don’t know “who I am.”

As for why I’m so curious as to how other people perceive me is partly because I enjoy reading facial expressions, and partly because I know I’m not normal – who’d want to be normal anyway though? And I’m curious to see how that changes the way other people see me. There’s been a fair few memes on memebase about “How people see me” and then “How people see me after I tell them I’m X”

Anyway, so that’s one aspect of it, and the other is I’m quite vain, and a tad *cough very cough* over confident, and when I picked up my copy of the message, and opened it randomly I found the passage

1st Corinthians Chapter 10, verses 11-12

“These are all warning markers—danger!—in our history books, written down so that we don’t repeat their mistakes. Our positions in the story are parallel—they at the beginning, we at the end—and we are just as capable of messing it up as they were. Don’t be so naive and self-confident. You’re not exempt. You could fall flat on your face as easily as anyone else. Forget about self-confidence; it’s useless. Cultivate God-confidence.”


How apt is that? This is something I know I really need to work on, and regardless of what level of “God confidence” you have already from nothing to masses, you can always cultivate more. Anyway, just thought I’d share the random series of connections with you all.

Cheers for reading!



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