Is there a 'solution' to life?


Hey, so this blog title basically explains why it’s so late, why I’m behind on my camp prep, that’s ok though, I have  day off which will be solid camp prep, and blogging 🙂

What is procrastination? and why do we do it?
Well it’s simply the art of putting off the task in hand. Got an essay to write? I’ll make a coffee and get right on that. Procrastination. “Andrew will you please go cut the grass now?” to which my response is ” OK, 5 mins just want to finish this game” 3 hours later… the grass isn’t cut.


Why do we do it? Well because we don’t want to do whatever it is we have to do, I didn’t want to cut the grass, our mysterious non-essay writer doesn’t want to write the essay, hence the distractions. Anything we can do to avoid the task.

Look at what happens when a teenager complains to a parent about being bored.

“Mum I’m bored.”
“Go tidy your room then”
“Never mind.”

see? the instant there is something less attractive to do, everything is suddenly more interesting.


So, how do we combat procrastination?

I’m currently working on a reward system, every 300 words I write I get to play a game of Starcraft 2 – tends to last about 10 mins. Then I come back to blogging, and when I hit 600 I get another game, etc etc.

So this whole reward system works quite well on tasks that have to be done all at once, but what if you’re procrastinating a task you’re meant to do every day? Like a Bible study? Get out of bed?

It’s a case of thinking long term, I know if I get out of bed 10 mins earlier, then I can eat a proper breakfast, and cycle to work at a leisurely pace,but I want to stay in bed….

Something I procrastinate alot is my Bible study, I’m rubbish at doing it consistently, years ago at an SU camp, (maybe 3?) I bought a book, titled “Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Bible” The speaker at camp was the author (signed my copy, oh yeah.) I’ve only ever manage to read the first chapter or so because I read them, I’m like “Yeah! this book is great, gonna learn so much” next day next chapter, day after? Too “busy” and it slips my mind… next thing I know it’s 3 weeks later and I’m lucky if I can find it. (took me about 2 mins visual inspection of my room to spot it from my bed >..>’)

So my challenge for myself is to get stuck into this book, consistently, and do a chapter a day. And to start getting up in time for breakfast.

My challenge to you is to start getting stuck into a long term task that you don’t normally do very well. Maybe it’s cleaning something, maybe it’s your own Bible study, maybe you love your bed as much as I love mine?
Anyway you look at it is something we all need to work on.


Good luck with getting on with things! and please wish me the same.

cheers for reading.


Comments on: "Procrastination." (3)

  1. I’ll vouch for the book, I found it very interesting!

  2. I need to get that kind of head on for my bible study :’) barely touched my Message for weeks! Guess I should get to that, after I’ve replied to that FB message… x

  3. […] Remember that post I did on Procastination – Well I was talking about a book called Hitch Hikers Guide to the Bible, and how I was going to […]

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