Is there a 'solution' to life?

Ok, so I’ve been away at Kx3 for a week, and then after that I was away at LM5b for a week, I’m just going to share some of my highlights from the two weeks.

Emotionally, I made loads of new friends, however, I learned a lot more about myself how I’m motivated, I learned A LOT more about responsibility and I’ve learned a ton about other people, and in particular, how annoying 12 year old boys can be when they get an idea in their heads…


Loads of sunshine, so loving the tan, swimming in St Andrew’s, relaxing by the volley ball courts, learning new games, trail biking at Lendrick Muir, a spot of casual free running and bouncing all over the place!




I have to admit I think I’ve grown closer to God, and put more trust in Him in the last two weeks than I have in the last 18 years – OK slight hyperbole, but just about right in terms of trust.

I’ve relied on God for just SO much, and it’s been provided, for example, travel between camps, I was aiming to get to Lendrick Muir by about 5.30pm, I got into Kinross by 20 past 4. I didn’t get lifts between cities, but buses worked out perfectly.

I led my first group time by myself, and it was a bit of a fail, however, the rest of the group times really went well all things considered, and I felt that the way I handled the last day’s rush of questions on Revelations (Answered what I could, and told them to ask their ministers the rest!) was pretty good.

The morning talk I blogged about previously worked out fairly well, I rambled a bit at the end, but I twigged on and rounded up concisely and it seems to have been effective. I even ended up discussing that passage/passages with some campers at LM5b as well!

My plan for tomorrow and the next few days is a series of shorter posts about a day, or a couple of days from each camp, to cover the two weeks. Then I’m going to start on the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Bible – Which I didn’t start reading after posting about procrastination, but I’m going to soon promise!


Anyways, cheers for reading and sticking with me during the break.


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