Is there a 'solution' to life?

OK, so I said I’d write about camp, and as much as I’d enjoy that… it seems odd. Out of place. Not right. I don’t like it. So I’m going back on what I said – unlike me, but that’s how it is.

Saying that, I really did enjoy camp – leading this year has to have been the best experience of my life. Great teams, well behaved campers – in my groups anyway, fantastic activity programs, good accommodation and brilliant food!

Scripture Union Scotland Holiday’s plug is now over.

I do however have something I’d like to go over- with myself surely? Since this is a rhetorical rhetoric (YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH)

Genesis. Remember that post I did on Procastination – Well I was talking about a book called Hitch Hikers Guide to the Bible, and how I was going to stop putting off reading it, well. Tonight, I read the first chapter, well the first section of the first chapter (for maybe the 6th time) and I’m about to blog about it.

Colin splits Genesis into 2 sections, Primeval History, and Patriarchal history.

First up in Primeval is Creation – chapters 1 & 2 of Genesis.,2&version=NCV


A phrase often used by Christian writers when coming to Genesis is that it answers the “Who and Why” questions well, but not the “How and When”questions. It’s important to bear in mind when this was written there was no Hadron Collider, there was no periodic table of elements. Chemistry went as far as making alcohol and burning stuff  (more or less).

Chapter 1 is talking about the creation of the whole world, seen and unseen. It sets the stage – everything is “good” that is to say, NOTHING is wrong. Not one thing. Chapter 2 is about what happens just after, it talks about the creation of human kind, although it doesn’t say how exactly. Scientific debate aside, on HOW, the why is clearly explained –

Genesis 2:15

New Century Version (NCV)

15 The Lord God put the man in the garden of Eden to care for it and work it.

Simple as that. We are here to care for the world, but when I look around, I don’t see a world of caring, I see a world of greed, of self importance, of hatred, of lust and of dishonesty.

How far have we wondered? Where society is at the point that personal gain is more important than caring for you neighbour? That looking out for number one involves walking past another person – same as you – who has no home, no safe place to rest at night. Where does that leave us?



My heart breaks when I think about this – it actually makes me want to cry (Manly I know). Then I look at myself. I’m just as bad as what I see – and my heart breaks all over again. What have I got to offer? I’ve plenty to offer, yet I’m stuck. Unable to move forwards, unable to change. Why is it so hard to just give? Expecting nothing back?

Well one reason is what happens in chapter 3 “The Beginning of Sin”

Man and Woman, Adam and Eve, break away from God – already! We’ve not even finished talking baby words as a race, and we’ve already messed up.

And oh, oh just how quick are we to pass the blame? Adam passes the buck to Eve, who dodges and pushes it on the snake.


Ducking and dodging blame is something we all do today – I do it, have done it, and I expect, depressingly, will no doubt do it again. It’s a part of life, it has been since the beginning. Adam was as responsible as Eve, and the snake, yet he tried to pass on the blame.


Ok, admission – last night at work, I really should have mopped the floor before leaving, I had time, I could have done it, but I slacked off, I’d swept the floor already, (the task is normally split between two people, one mops and one sweeps) but tonight it wasn’t. I looked at the floor – swept, but still stained, and I thought… ahh well, it won’t hurt not to do it once, it won’t hurt to leave a few smears and stains. It won’t matter in the long run, and if somebody challenges me in the morning, I can say “I did my share and swept, somebody else should have mopped”

Well, this morning, no questions where asked, and I was thinking, see! It didn’t matter, nobody even cares. However, if we’d had a health inspection, we’d have been penalised for not having gleaming floors. There is a reason floors are swept AND mopped. OK, the kitchen wouldn’t have been shut down, it’s not a major issue, but it was WRONG not to do it. I skipped out of my responsibility to the kitchen, and I skipped out on my responsibility to the hotel. Not cool.

If I’d been challenged by an annoyed chef first thing this morning, first thing I’d have done is pass the blame. Here, I’m reading, and being challenged about just that. Adam should have just manned up and said “Yeah, I ate it, I shouldn’t have, and I’m sorry.” That would have been right. I should have gone in this morning, and not just hoped it hadn’t been noticed, but offered to do both parts this evening. I didn’t. I should have.


So, my thought for the blog, my challenge to you my readers, and to I myself, is that for the next day, week, month, year. However long, take responsibility for your actions. Be honest and upfront about when you’ve made a mistake, about when thing’s weren’t done. Taking a grip of your responsibilities, when things go wrong, accept the blame, honestly. When things go well, accept the praise, modestly.


Thanks for reading.


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