Is there a 'solution' to life?

Ok, so today’s section is about Noah, hence the rather witty title *cough* But yeah, So the story of Noah covers 4 chapters, 6,7,8 and 9 I however, will summarise it for you, since I’m a gent and know reading 4 chapters takes a bit longer than maybe people have time for in the evenings. God’s having a wee look around the world, and sees ALOT of evil, you think the riots are bad? That’s nothing to what was going on around here. You think the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria are bad? (Which they are) Noah’s time was worse. God looks through the WHOLE world and finds ONE man, and his family, who are good. So, God gives Noah a ring on the phone… or however God communicated back in those days, and says Build me a boat, a REALLY big one, like, super big, bigger than any boat you’ve ever seen. When it’s finished, I want you, your wife, your sons, and their wives to get on the boat. Also, get two of every animal, load them onto the boat, and keep them alive.

Genesis 6:22

New Century Version (NCV)

22 Noah did everything that God commanded him.

So, Noah builds the boat, the ark, and he was no doubt mocked, insulted and laughed at. He did it anyway.   Diverting away from Noah for a moment, I think we all know it’s easy to start out doing something, easy to plan something. Then you start seeing issues in it, where will I get the wood from? How will I stop the animals eating each other? Where will I get enough food for the animals? The list of logistical problems is immense. Not to mention various psychological troubles. Back to Noah   So they load everything onto the boat, all the food and materials they’ll need to survive. The rain comes, the chocks are washed away, and the boat, is afloat. For the next forty days and nights, it rains constantly, the depressing patter and rattle of rain, the drumming. It’s enough to drive you crazy. Noah and family coped, with out killing each other. I’m not sure how I’d cope if I was trapped on a boat with my family. Probably not very well, maybe a bit of Abel and Cain, I could see it happening. However Noah and his family manage to cope the 40 days of rain, and they also last through the days in which the water recedes.
Right after they’ve landed, God makes Noah a promise. He promises that He won’t flood the earth again, that He won’t destroy everything and start again. (/restart?) God says that the rainbow is a reminder of this. When ever we see a rainbow, it’s a reminder that God isn’t going to flood the earth and kill us all again.
I always knew I liked them for a reason…
Pretty inspiring right? Gotta love rainbows.
Well Noah, Noah had landed, he set up shop, and started up a vineyard. Made some wine, seems logical right? Then he got wrecked on it…
I guess this is sort of encouraging and discouraging at the same time. Encouraging in the fact that even somebody who’s dedicated as much as Noah did to God can still mess up, reminds me that even when I mess up there is still hope in Christ. However, it’s also dis-encouraging, as it warns us also to be on our guard because even at our best we can still mess up.
Now, a challenge, what can we learn from Noah? That even when God asks us to do something crazy it’s a good idea to do it anyway, or maybe that drinking too much leads to embarrassment and stupiditiy.
My would be theme of consequences was kind of stolen by a lack of foresight. However I’m sure I can think of something in the next few minuets…
animal relations?… no
how about
Don’t drink and drive?
Thanks for reading! Be with you again soon.

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