Is there a 'solution' to life?

I’ve finished my last shift at work, and I’m now inundated with free time, and lazy mornings, so what better way to spend them than on the internet, and with my nose in my books?

Soon I’ll be moving back down to Edinburgh, this is nearly perfectly timed, because in the journey through Genesis (skipping past some long boring lists of names) we meet a guy called Abram (later Abraham). More about him later, just now lets talk about moving.

Moving is never easy, the further you’re travelling the harder it becomes, logistically and emotionally. Moving from Tongue to Edinburgh, 240 miles physically, and about a million miles culturally.

It’s a case of living in a village of 250, and working in the next closest, which has about 150, to going to a city, where I could easily pass double that in the street – walking rather than the commuters passing me. Not to mention the noise, the movement and the way of speaking… just EVERYTHING is different.

So, I’m making the first trip down over this weekend, it’s going to be a busy busy weekend, ending up in Edinburgh, and travelling the 240 miles back up north on Monday morning.

Now, moving has more than just pysical effects, there are emotional ones as well. I’ll be leaving behind my Parents (again) the people I’ve been working with everyday for the last 4 months and moving back in with my brother and sister…

Talk about going from a low stress environment to a high stress one!

Now, imagine, if I was quite a bit older, say, 75 years old. I decided to pack up all my stuff, take my wife, my nephew, my host of servants, all my livestock, tents for everybody to live in… my monies etc etc

AND most importantly, I have no clue as to where I’m going to end up, how long it will take… heck! I don’t even know if I’ll live to the end of the journey…

You say I was insane, possibly for having a host of servants, possibly for packing up and moving at that time of life.


Crazy as that sounds, it’s what this guy called Abram does.

So, they head on out, on a journey, they reach this place called Canaan, have a look around, and God tells him, ‘Mate, all this you see right here? I’m gonna give it to your kid’s kids, and their kids. It’s going to be your family for a loooong time’

Abram’s all like, ‘cool, cheers Boss Man’ builds an Altar to God, and worships him, before moving away from the “promised land” (that’s where the name comes from, because God promised it to Abram)

Now at this point you might just be thinking Abram… that doesn’t sound quite right, surely the song goes “Father Abraham” ? You’d be right, the name change comes later, and I’ll talk about names and such like at some.


What is there to learn here? Well, at this point, Abram know’s nothing about God, except that He’s calling the shots. That’s what I call FAITH… blind faith to be sure, since my faith is based on the Bible, which holds a whole bunch of promises. Lots of them, so I know when I’m doing what God says, I don’t just do it because He is all powerful (which He is) but rather, I’m motivated by slightly more selfish reasons – I know that God’s plan is the best one. There aren’t any stories in the Bible of things ENDING badly for the people who are following God… well, you might come at me with say, the Story of Jesus… He died on a cross after all.. that’s not the best of endings? But that’s not the end, the end isn’t here yet. That was just a turn in the page of life, a new chapter with fresh beginnings. At no point in the Bible, does God desert His followers, and leave them to their fate – sometimes it’s rough ROUGH as anything you care to think of, but in the end, it comes out Golden.


So, maybe I’m motivated by semi-selfish reasons. Why go to Uni? I think it’s God’s plan for me (Which I’m pretty sure it is) but if it isn’t atleast I can get a job as an engineer right? I always have an escape route, I don’t feel I’ve ever had to put blind faith in God, I don’t feel that ever NOT had an escape route. Some times I wish I lived in a country that a faith in Christ meant persecution – not because I’m sadistic, but because I know faith is only faith when it’s tested. I wanna know if I make the cut or not… When the chips are down, right down, it’s do or DIE, would I give up everything for God? I don’t know, and sometimes, in very foolish moments I pray that one day I’d find out… but for now, I don’t think I’m there yet. I wish I was, but I don’t think I am yet.


That’s where I am, where are you? What’s your relationship in God? Do you have one?

If no, do you want one?

If yes, where is it going? Forwards, backwards or even sideyways?

If either of those are true, so yes or no, or even, neither are true, you don’t know… do you want to know more? If so, pick up a Bible, stroll along to church on a Sunday for the service, pray, speak to somebody, contact somebody you know who’s a Christian or if you don’t want to talk to somebody who you know you can always contact me via and I’ll be happy to email you when ever I can, on any topic.


Thanks for reading guys and gals.


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