Is there a 'solution' to life?

Couple of things to talk about from the weekend before I get into the meat of todays blog,

I was at the review weekend for Lead Up, the training programme I did earlier on this summer – you can see many blogs on that categorised under “Lead Up” surprising I know.

The review weekend started with a meal on Friday night, which was a chance to catch up, have a bit of banter, and recall some old jokes (Possibly in a bad Russian accent, possibly about decomposition, but I couldn’t comment for sure). It was a great start to the week, we went from meal time to worship, with a bit of time for unpacking, chit chat and for the musicians to practice.

We had worship, a briefing about the meeting, and then the Bible teaching. It was a great session. Certainly next time I plan a series, I think I’d rather do Haggai (8th shortest)  than Genesis (4th longest)… Captain Hindsight wins again.

Saturday we had some 1 or 2 “campers” to leaders interviews, where we discussed (in my case anyway) how summer had gone in general, what had I gained, etc etc, very generic questions, which ended up with topics from insomnia to tree climbing. It was a really good chat I had with the leader I spoke with.

However, as fantastic an event as it was, today’s blog is on Abram again, not long after he set off on his Journey. We pick up on part of the passage from last post, which I neglected to talk about.

Here we see blind faith slip up. Abram doesn’t know that God is going to protect him, Abram doesn’t know about the vast future (at that point) God is going to have protecting Abram’s children from all sorts of people (and then letting them get their arses kicked in the attempt to teach them a lesson…). So Abram lies to the Egyptians, because his (65 year old) wife is just so tidy, that the Egyptians might just kill him for her. It’s actually a recuring thought of the Patriarchs.

Genesis 26:6-7

New Century Version (NCV)

6 So Isaac stayed in Gerar.7 His wife Rebekah was very beautiful, and the men of that place asked Isaac about her. Isaac said, “She is my sister,” because he was afraid to tell them she was his wife. He thought they might kill him so they could have her.

The Egyptian officers fall for Sarai, as Abram though – so she must have been a looker for 65 (just saying). They give Abram all this stuff, slaves and livestock. Which was worth a fair bit of money, to try and sweeten him up so that one of them might get to marry her.

God gets all angry with them, because of  Pharaoh marrying a married woman – protip, don’t go in for some bigamy. It never works out, and then He does a classic old testament God, and sends “terrible diseases”. The Egyptians are like “DUDE… why didn’t you just tell us? Argh, so annoyed, you should have said and I wouldn’t have gone there. Now get out of my house country”

So Abram packs up and leaves Egypt, and heads back up north. It doesn’t say if there is more food about, but I get the impression from the next chapters that it isn’t plentiful, unlike in Egypt.

If Abram had just told the truth, then this whole situation wouldn’t have come about. Lying made everything worse for him in the long run.

It’s like that in modern times as well. When I was younger, I was a younger I used to lie to my teachers about doing my homework “Oh I just left it on my desk, I was working on it last night, and forgot to pack it.” excuse after excuse, I don’t think I handed in ANY home work in on time… except for Physics, but I enjoyed that. When I did get busted for not doing homework, I’d get in LOADS more trouble then I would have done if I’d just said, “I didn’t get round to it”

Boring story short, if you are up front and honest, about things people respect you more. If people take your word as honest, if they trust you to speak the truth, then they will respect you. Honesty is something that’s really fallen off the radar.


Living for God -being a Christian should get you noticed. In my opinion, a Christian shouldn’t fit right into society. Look at Jesus – wherever He went, He caused trouble! Same goes for all His followers in the Bible. Paul caused riots (see previous blog post on Christian’s shouldn’t just fit in. Christians should be a jigsaw piece from another puzzle. We shouldn’t match up with society.

So, my challenge, for you, for me, for anybody who made it down to here in my post is this;

Be different! Don’t blend in with everybody else, and I don’t mean drive down the wrong side of the road. I mean change the way you talk to people, the way you communicate – be open, honest and caring.

Sounds simple, but it isn’t

Don’t say anything that doesn’t build other people up, don’t say anything that isn’t true.


I know I’m going to find this one tough. It’s not something that comes easily to me at all. Making smart comments seems all too easy, but be encouraged by

James 3:2

New Century Version (NCV)

2 We all make many mistakes. If people never said anything wrong, they would be perfect and able to control their entire selves, too.

Thanks for reading.



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  1. […] Sarah however, not a fan of chaos theory, laughs – laughs at God, I did not give this woman enough credit, she clearly has more balls than Abraham, who couldn’t even admit they where married to Egyptains, and she’s laughing in the face of God. Crazy woman. – God picks up on this, and says “you laughing at me pal?” At which point, Sarah realizes her stupidity, and lies to cover it up (see previous post on lies –…) […]

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