Is there a 'solution' to life?

Today has had it’s problems, my laptop screen fractured for no clear reasoning. However I’m still up and running, on a computer with limited access instead.

The main problem with this, is that the computer has not got “Google Chrome” installed, meaning I’m without an easy access spell checker. Please forgive any/all spelling mistakes in my posts over the next few days.

Apart from that, today has been a fairly lazy day. I went for a run about lunch time, walked most of the way back because I couldn’t be bothered, and spent the rest of the day in bed.

Genesis 13, shocking, I know, but I figured I’d break with the usual method of doing things, and continue in order.

This passage talks about Abram and Lot separation. They’ve become two very rich and powerful people. They have so many people working for them, so many animals being cared for, that they litterly can not live together. The ground can’t support them.

The heardsmen have started arguing, and it will quickly reach a critical point. Either they fight, or they separate. I imagine there would have a bit of an awakward silence, untill Abram says “Why don’t you go that way, and I go this way? Or you go this way, and I go that way?”

AHHH, non-conflict resolution! You have got to love it.

One time back in first year of highschool, aged aproxmiately 11. I got into a “debate” with a slightly… rougher memeber of my science class. I told him that humans are just another kind of animal, he said we weren’t.

Several repeats on his part, in responce to my various scientific arguments where met with “You want to fight about it?” At which point, I responced with “sure.” I have no clue what I was thinking.
Anyway, got to the bottom the staircase after class, we agreed “If you don’t use any Judo moves on me, I won’t punch you in the face” Seemed legit. First person to cry looses.

So, we start the fight, he hits me in the face, repeatedly. I stand there and think “this doesn’t hurt as much as I’d thought” at which points he poked me in the eye, and my eyes started watering. I was totally not crying, it was just because he’d poked me in the eye.

In terms of “solving problems peacefully” I probably kind of failed. I maybe should have said “Is this really worth fighting about?” Maybe I should have just not let a “ned” pick a fight with me in science class?

Either way it was poor conflict resolution.

Solving problems peacefully doesn’t just mean not punching each others brains out. No, I really mean solving it without causing an argument.
Sometimes in life, it’s better to let the other person walk away wrong, than it is to end up in an argument.

A rule of thumb I work by is “As long as you’re not angry, and the other person isn’t angry then it’s a debate.” Keeping things to debates is more fun – there is no challenge is shouting somebody down – and less stressful.


Anyway, my challenge is this; before you respond in a confrontation, think first. Think about what is the fastest, simplest least stressful way to end the confrontation. Don’t attempt to wind up the other person for being ignorant, but keep calm, and respond wisely – not easy, but there we have it.

Thanks for reading.


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