Is there a 'solution' to life?

So today’s been a pretty good day all things considered, I traveled 250 miles, took my laptop to PC world (due back within 3 weeks), bought some groceries and set up my PC.

I was a tad concerned about travel, I was expecting to rely on public transport for the whole distance, and it would have been an 11 hour journey that way. However, when I was sitting outside the post office, one of the ladies from my Dad’s Church (the session clark I think) drove up, with a passenger already, to post a letter before heading down the road. Destination, Inverness. I was offered a lift, and quickly accepted! So I left Tongue at 8am, as planned. I arrived in Inverness, full of gratitude, at about 9:30 – a pretty good time. Which was about when I was expecting to arrive in Lairg, with an hour to wait for the train to Inverness.

At 10:47 I got on the train to Edinburgh, found an empty seat, packed away my luggage and put down my coffee.

I was at a table with another guy, who I’d never met. We had a bit of a chat on the way down, he seem’d pretty sound. He got off after a few stops, and I got on with my book – which is pretty good, for once I’ve been surprised by a plot twist!

Needless to say, what with travel today running smoothly, and travel between camps running smoothly I really am going to have to stop praying about it. God just makes things so easy and cheap! (Not that I am complaining, or plan to stop praying any time soon!)

Todays blog post follows on from yesterdays, and the ones before that… surprising I know. I do have something special planned for the end of  next week however, you’ll have to wait and see!

There’s a lot in here, and I don’t want to do it any injustice, so I’m going to split it up into two main sections – I don’t want to go on for ages about the first, and then summarize the second half in a few lines. Both sections are important and deserve semi-equal attention.

First up we have God meting with Abraham – which is awesome enough to start with. Then God does something even cooler. He puts a time-scale on His promise – no longer is it something that’s going to happen “one day soon” but Abraham and Sarah are told, 1 year from now, you’re going to have a son.

This is awesome, mostly because it is biologically impossible, and also because time scales are great. You can say “Anything will happen in enough time” and that’s true, chaos theory. However, if you say “This will happen with in a year” and you’re talking about something that takes over 9 months… Chaos theory can eat it’s heart out… literally… if you give it enough time.

Sarah however, not a fan of chaos theory, laughs – laughs at God, I did not give this woman enough credit, she clearly has more balls than Abraham, who couldn’t even admit they where married to Egyptains, and she’s laughing in the face of God. Crazy woman. – God picks up on this, and says “you laughing at me pal?” At which point, Sarah realizes her stupidity, and lies to cover it up (see previous post on lies –

God calls her bluff simply

15 Sarah was afraid, so she lied and said, “I didn’t laugh.”

But the Lord said, “No. You did laugh.”

You can’t pull the wool over God’s eyes, but He understood the fear that Sarah acted from, and instead of punishing her, He simply corrected her, and left it at that. Mercy in abundance.


Up next we have the second part.

Abraham walks with God, literally, and two other guys we don’t know who they are, what they are or anything about them. Except, they must be pretty awesome to get ring side seats when God comes to visit Earth…


God gives Abraham the heads up, tells him the Sodom has it coming. Abraham is pretty panicked about that, his nephew Lot is in Sodom after all.

So, Abraham, cunning man that he is, starts to bargain.

First 50 good people save the city,
then 45
then 40
then 30 even!

how about 20?

ok, final offer Lord, if you can find just 10, good men, will you spare the city?
God, as generous says, “since you ask :)”  (more or less.)

God told Abraham his plan, Abraham didn’t like it. So he tries to bargain, and barter with God, now, God again shows understanding, caring and compassion. He doesn’t change His plan – because it’s already perfect. What God does is help Abraham come to terms with what has to happen, it isn’t easy, Abraham doesn’t like it, doesn’t want to accept it. He has to though, so he does, in the end, accept that God has the last say. In everything.


So my challenge, for you, today, tomorrow and the days to come after, is as simple as this.

Do you think you know whats coming next? Have you lived your life through already? No. You haven’t (or am I missing a trick or two?)

In that case, why not give the wheel to a Driver who knows the road. Let God take the wheel in your life. What have you got to loose? You only live once.


Thanks for reading.


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