Is there a 'solution' to life?

So yesterday was a bit of an adventure. I got about 2 hours sleep, in 2 goes, 30 mins, then a shower, then I slept on a sofa for a bit, through my alarm by about 15 mins. I woke up to the bus I wanted to catch going past the window. Hunted around for my wallet for another 5-10mins, left the house.

Getting to Dundee was a nightmare. I arrived bang on time, which is surprising considering I missed two buses… but hey, things ended up golden. Had one of the best days of my life in Dundee – surprising I know, but it’s the people who make a day, not the place. (Dundee is interesting though, and I’d forgotten I’d even been there before…)

Sometimes when I’m blogging I struggle to find a starting point, I’m not sure how to get into the passage, which is why I always start with a bit of an update on my life, and try and lead in to what I have to say from that.

Normally it’s not the passage I have an issue with, Genesis has been good to me so far, especially when I skipped the list of names between Noah and Abraham. This chapter is where things get tough, there is so much going on. From angles to pillars of salt, the destruction of cities to incest. It really is a nightmare, just to read, never mind to have been there, or to have to take something positive and uplifting out of it.

See what I mean about a nightmare? Any 4 consecutive verses, would result in a great blog… 22 consecutive verses becomes tangled and difficult to grasp.

So, I’m making an executive (by which I mean, taking the easy route) decision to split Genesis 19 up. After all, it’s great to go by chapter and verse, but the Bible didn’t come with chapter and verse, that’s just indexing. The Bible is the word. Not the chapters and verses. (excuse to split chapter found, and presented. Not laziness now!)

So, lets look at the first section is verses 1-11 (even dividing it up myself!)

So here we have Lot, casually sitting around by the city gates – which where a meeting point similar to how you’d think of the town center, a court of law and much more. So it wasn’t uncommon for him to be there – while there, he sees two angels walk into the city, something must mark them out, because there would have been people coming and going all day, and he didn’t pick on any of them.

It’s not everyday a rich man like Lot would bow to the ground – which would mean he thought the men where FAR more important than him. He would have bowed to the ground when meeting the king, and that’s probably about it. So, we know these men stand out to Lot, and he meets, greets and insists they stay at his, before they’ve had a chance to think.

I don’t know what you think of when somebody says “angel” to you, do you think wings, clouds and harps? Personally, I don’t know what they look like, but I would imagine they stand a mile out, strong, powerful, confident – not somebody you’d really want to mess with. You know when you see young men walking around town, and they swagger and maintain the strangest facial expressions, well, they are trying to give off an aura of confidence, they mean “Don’t mess with me, you won’t like it.” I think angels probably give off something similar, but in a non-threatening way. These guys spend all day hanging about God, the creator of the universe, I’m sure they wouldn’t just blend in to the back ground when you take them out of that setting!

So Lot grabs them, and takes them home, recognizing that they are important.


However, they haven’t gone unnoticed by the rest of Sodom, men from all over Sodom come round to Lot’s after hours, and demand he brings out the men from before, so they can have some uhhh special time.

Lot goes out to them, saying “NO WAY, these guys are my guests, I can’t let that happen.” He even goes so far as to offer his two daughters to them, but the crowd are deaf to his plea.

The only reason they don’t do the same thing to Lot, is the angels grab him, and pull him inside, and lock the door! Close one.

Important question

Why does it happen?

Well it happens because of a culmination of factors. Firstly morally the inhabitants of Sodom have gone off the rails.

Secondly I think they are reacting to seeing the angels, they see how amazing they are, and watch to destroy it, conquer them, or whatever, it’s they’re reaction to seeing the essence of God, to try and get rid of it.

Lot responds correctly however, he humbles himself before God – His messengers in this case.

Thats the kind of reaction we need to show God, we need to humble ourself (not something I’m good at) and say, you know what, you’re the boss, take control of my life. It’s not easy, I struggle with it.

That is the challenge!


Have fun. Thanks for reading!














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