Is there a 'solution' to life?

On the home straight now, sprint to the end of Genesis 19! I might actually get this post out at a decent hour as well. (HA that was a good one, oh facebook, skype how you distract me)

This final section of Genesis 19 is another bit that’s morally squiffy – to say the least.

So, here we have Lot and daughters tucked up safely in the mountains, they have food, water and, alcohol. Perfect right?

Well, no, Lot’s two daughters get lonely, they’ve no husbands, no hope of finding one stuck in the mountains, everybody they know is dead, they must be close to insane, it’s the only explanation.

There are two MAIN things that go wrong in this passage.

Alcohol abuse, and

sexual immorality.

Lets start with the alcohol. Alcohol has a purpose, and place in society, it’s a social lubricant, it makes it easy to relax around other people. Jesus and his disciples often drank wine together, as part of a social interaction. They weren’t drinking to get drunk, they weren’t drinking to forget something, or move past something. They didn’t drink to the point where they embarrassed themselves, or embarrassed God.

Here though, Lot’s been drunk under the table, he is so far gone, he can’t tell whats going on, he can’t control himself, look after himself, let alone look after his two children.

The next issue is sexual immorality. This is a big issue in the modern world, this particular case doesn’t crop up very often – fortunately, but the way society sees sex this day is very different from how they did in Biblical times.

Sex is really just a means to an end, it’s how we go about creating babies. That what sex is for, it has it’s bi-products, it burns calories, is attributed as one of the most enjoyable things you can do, in the right circumstances.

Reading through this I can’t help but think back to Powerpoint, a youth event in Edinburgh. A few years ago, they had a special valentines edition, when they seperated the boys and the girls for a classic teaching on how to live a Godly life when interacting with the opposite sex.

The analogy was simple. Sex is like driving a car. If you have sex the way the world suggest you do, as often as possible, with as many people as possible, it’s the same as driving an old fiat. Gets you from A-B, but it’s not the best way of doing things. The comparison was waiting to have sex with your wife (since I was in the boys section), waiting to do things God the way He has planned is like driving a Ferrari, you still get from A-B but you enjoy it more.

The results of what happens here come back to haunt the descents of Abraham for a long, long time. The Amonnites and the Moabites will come back to cause trouble.

So, in terms of a journey – because that is what life is, how do we go about getting to the end? Really, it does boil down to two choices. Not like last blog, where I picked to choices, this time there are only two choices.

God’s way, or the high way. One way is easy, you get to do what you want, as and when you want it.

The other is hard, you have to give up what you WANT to do, and focus on what God is asking you to do. It’s not easy.

If you’re thinking about God’s way, and are looking for a bit more info, look at the series I did called “transformation” it’s catagorised.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful in some way.

Thanks for reading.


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