Is there a 'solution' to life?

Another good day today, a recurring theme it would seem, bring on term time and we’ll see however. I was woken from a nap on the sofa, by the doorbell, delivery guy bringing my new powerball! This one is slightly more awesome, and runs much smoother than the old one.

Went shopping for foods with my sister, pretty good opertuninty to catch up with what she was up to over the summer, but we nattered about inconsequential things instead, just as entertaining.

Genesis 21 is a much nicer passage in many regards, we see a both sides of a promise fulfilled! We also see some darker things, mother and child thrown out, dirty bargaining. Abraham and Sarah being dodgey again, and Abimelech is the good guy in all this.

Have a quick read,

back to facebook or youtube for 5-10 mins and then read it again!

First off we have some great news! Abraham and Sarah are going to have a child! Sarah, who’s 89-90 years old, is pregnant, that’s what I call a miracle! Great news, just as God promised, a baby is on the way.

Fast forwards 9 months, the baby is born! And, as promised, it’s a boy! Awesome news for everybody… God has fulfilled the first part of His agreement with Abraham, a good moment for Abraham and co.

This continues on for a few years, everyday must clearly have been an ordinary day, until Isaac was weened. That is, he started eating food. Ishmael pokes a bit of fun at him and Sarah goes PSYCHO, she demands that Abraham kicks them out, straight away. Bad news.

Sarah still resents both Hagar and Ishmael for reminding her how much of an idiot she was. She can’t stand it, not only that, there is the whole succession issue… So she whines, moans and complains.

She pursades Abraham to throw them out – and give him his due, he is very reluctant to do so, he feels responsible for them, as he should, and only gives in because God says “I got this” don’t worry about them.

So they’re sent packing, into the desert with a days provisions, normally, we’d call them vulture food, and ignore the details about decomposition (Pieman; more in jokes). However, that’s not what happens this time, it would seem that God pulls through, as He said, Hagar and Ishmael are crying, thirsty, hungry, tired, lost and despairing.

God steps in, The Big Man In The Sky does not like the sound of crying children, a sentiment I agree with, so for that reason, and others, He tells Hagar the location of a well she can get to.

Life saver. I’m not talking about the bus coming just as you arrive at the bus stop in pouring rain. I’m talking about going to die a painful and terrible death, watching your child go first, kind of life saver. The best kind.

This is God providing for Hagar and Ishmael, something He still does today, regularly! For the majority of people in the UK they are born with everything they need, water, food, clothes. We get so much more than that though, due to mere chance, born on the other side of the world, and things are far different, just because it’s been there our whole lives, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be thankful we have it.

Don’t wait till you miss it to be glad you had it.

Coming in hot we have a bit of dodgy dealing. Abimelech is cunning, he sees that God is looking after this man Abraham, everything he does seems to end up golden, so maybe we should keep him around… In comes the deal making.

He says, “Right here before God, (so we can’t have any take backs later on) promise that you and your family will be good to me and my people, since we’ve been nice to you, and not killed you or stolen your stuff (except your wife, but we gave her back)

Abraham realizes he’s in a good place here, and agrees. Then, after the whole “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” he complains about some guys who stole his well.

Abimelech is now in a tight spot, he can’t say “finders keepers, sucks to be you.” He has to deal with it, Abraham gives him 7 lambs and says, “if you take these lambs you have to admit it’s mine, and your boys can go dig their own well.”

That’s a pretty shrewd move, I guess we know how Abraham lived to be 100 then.

What is there to learn from this passage?

Well, a few things stick out, I go back to my point about relying on God to provide you with what you need, maybe it feels like all that is provided by family/the student loan company, depending where you are in life, it could be you work for your money. I guess my point is really that we should be grateful we have schools/universities/places to work, because but for luck of the draw, we wouldn’t have them.

The second thing is this, when you live for God, and WITH God, it shows. Abimelech notices it about Abraham, to the point where he treated Abraham like a good luck charm. If this guy wanted a man of faith in his country just because of the passive benefits that brought him, imagine the benefits of being a man or indeed woman, of God.

Thanks for reading.


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