Is there a 'solution' to life?

Today was an interesting day, I had a new experience! I got stood up D:
I had arranged to meet a guy for coffee, arrived at Starbucks early, got my coffee, sat down, in the open, and drank my coffee. 12 o’clock arrived a few mins later, and time ticked on by to quater past, and I was curious as to where this guy was! I didn’t waste my time though, I got to thinking about coffee shops in general, and I’ll be publishing a blog about coffee shops and their inhabitants later this week!

So, this guy potentially didn’t show up, there was one person there who COULD have been him, but I discounted him, and I’m now not so sure if it was or it wasn’t… in the past now. It was certainly something to learn about life,  don’t arrange to meet up with somebody, you’ve not seen in a long time, with out getting their mobile number, or some other form of identification, traditionally I believe a red rose is appropriate, not however, in this case!

On with the blog, which is about learning from past experiences, and not repeating the same mistakes.

Oh, Abraham, you are suck a fool! Why didn’t you remember what happened in Egypt, remember how they took your wife, the disasters that struck afterwards? Don’t you remember that!? AT ALL COME ON!

Abraham does the same thing as before, although, we have some justification from him this time. He blames it on other people, he passes the buck (I’ve always wondered at that phrase, I mean, does he take the actual animal and pass it? or just write it on a bit of paper and pass that across?) and blames everybody else.

It pays off for Abraham, he gets given livestock and silver,Abimlech even says sorry to Sarah! What a guy, amusingly he displays a better attitude here than Abraham does.

Yeah, he messed up, but who doesn’t? The important thing is to suck it up, admit you’ve made a mistake, and do your best to clear it up. Abimlech does that well, he gives Abraham some stuff to make him feel better about the fact he almost stole his wife, and he gives him some extra silver, to make Sarah some pretty jewelry with no doubt.

What’s more than that, he’s already gone the extra mile in terms of culture, be he realises the effect it had on Sarah, and her reputation, so he apologizes to her.

As great as this guy is, he isn’t actually the focus of my blog, for all I’ve been singing his praises. Abraham is my focus, again, and will no doubt feature again, until we get rid of him.

Abraham is repeating the same mistakes. Something everybody does. I’ve always thought (by which I mean I occasionally think this way when somebody asks about it) that instead of being defined by what we do well, and what we do badly, it’s rather how we respond when things go wrong, and what we learn from mistakes that defines us. For example, in America, where they colonized places that frequently get struck my earthquakes, and hurricanes, yet haven’t got buildings strong enough to cope.
In the UK where we have riots for the same reasons, years apart. This is true on an individual level as well as a national one.

If you screw up, and admit it to yourself, then thats the first step.

Secondly, you need to admit it to God, say “Yeah, I messed up there, help me out next time?”

Thirdly you have to think about HOW things went wrong, adjust the way you’ll do it next time.

fourth and final, next time you do it, do it right.

Of course, various people fail at various stages, I’ve failed at every single phase at least once already this week. Let’s not discuss missing buses on Saturday and Sunday 😛

So, challenge, I always seem to do a challenge these days, so here it is, next time you screw up at something you do fairly often, think about how it went wrong, how did you mess up?
Follow the 4 steps, and do it right next time!

Thanks for reading!


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