Is there a 'solution' to life?

This mornings has been a pretty lazy day to be honest

I was discussing blogs with my friend Stephen this morning, I wanted to adjust a few things on mine, and as he is also a wordpresser, I went to him. We got the issue sorted, and then fell to talking about blogging in general, discussing stats and actual topics. I mentioned my next post would be on Genesis 22, and Stephen, for his contribution, reminded me of a thing called “the brick testament”

Now, sometimes I have a problem with really getting things stuck in my head, or with getting a different perspective on things, there is where the Brick Testament, comes in handy

This, right here, is the story you (should) have just read, in… wait for it… Lego form. That is right, Lego.

Read/look through the whole thing.

Pretty good right? some of those facial expression had Stephen and myself cracked up. Fantastic.

Imagine you where there, you wake up one morning, and God tells you to “Take your only son, Isaac, the son you love, and go to the land of Moriah. Kill him there”
To take your only son, and kill him.I ain’t a father, not even close, but I know what it’s like to love somebody. I know what it’s like to have invested in something. On a much smaller scale, I understand what God was asking. Although, saying that, I’ve never killed anything bigger than a spider.I can hardly imagine the trust, and dedication required, to actually go through the motions of this, I think I finally understand what “father Abraham” is considered a hero of the faith.
Now, I know kids can ask some awkward questions, but I think this does more than take the biscuit. This one take the whole packet, and everything else in your cupboards.

Abraham mans up, he takes Isaac, and two slaves, and makes the journey to the mountain, he goes through every motion. He gets out his knife and just when he’s about to do the deed, an angel calls out “STOP”

At which point I can imagine he almost fainted with relief.

God is well pleased, as I can imagine you would be, I remember the distinct satisfaction when in my fir

st week of camp, the boys in my tent scored 47/50 for tent inspection. I was dead proud. They did what they where told, happily, they didn’t complain they just did it. They would have rather played swing ball for another 5 minuets, but they took it on the chin and did what they where told.

Doing what your told isn’t easy, I’m as stubborn as a donkey, and arrogant enough to think I’m always right, so when somebody tells me to do something I don’t want to, it takes ALOT to make me do it. So, when I just imagine God telling me to do something this far away from what I’d want to, it makes me cringe, it makes me doubt myself, would I do it?

Maybe you’ve read harry potter, maybe you haven’t but one of the characters is famed for saying “Constant vigilance” which goes hand in hand with one of my favorite disc world quotes “everything is a test” Well, here for Abraham, it’s a test.

Like all tests, if you pass you are rewarded, and if you fail, then you haven’t passed, and so don’t get a reward (Or in my house, you pass and that is your reward…).

Here, Abraham has passed, God makes His promise a third time. Three times in the charm, you want me to sign this form in triplicate? Well, God just did that.

More on the fulfillment of that promise next time.

As for a challenge, you know when your asked to do something, or you know you should do something? Of course you do, well next time that feeling of “I’m supposed to go and do this, but I really cant be bothered” Think about Abraham, do you think he could be bothered to sacrifice his only son? No, so, just man up and do it. Once it’s done life is easier to live.

So that’s my challenge, man up and get the job done. Something I know I am awful at, and will really be working on… So I’m off to do the hoovering, right after I procrastinate a bit? NO

Thanks for reading.


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