Is there a 'solution' to life?

As you know, I was away this weekend, it was a pretty good weekend, watching inbetweeners, setting up for a ceilidh, ceilidhing, tidying up more inbetweeners and then church and travel. Insert sleep at the appropriate points.

Although my busyness doesn’t stop, this is merely a time filler until one of my friends from Aberdeen arrives and a whole group of people seems to coalesce (great word, had to Google the spelling). Plans include coffee, dinner, pub and what more could you possibly want?

Oh yeah, the stress of organizing 4 other people who change their plans and make their own plans without telling you, and then missing buses and changing plans again… ahh well, all seems sorted now.

Here in Genesis we find a topic that has deep meaning for me, it seems to me one of the main features, points, goals (however you might describe it) of life  is of finding the person you want to spend you life with… which for me would mean finding my wife. Which is infact the topic in this blog


this would be the relevant brick testament.

This series starts of with a sad event, Sarah’s years have finally caught up on her, and she’s breathed her last. Which kinda sucks, these things happen though and the family keeps going.

Abraham realizes he needs to kick start Isaac’s love-life, and seeing as he doesn’t like his son for any of the local girls, he has to sent out a servant to go, scouting for girls.

Abraham does something that we might consider a little odd,

he makes the servant place is “under his thigh” which is also translated as on the family jewels. This was the custom to make a super-serious promise, like, break it, and I’ll… well, I’m sure you can work it out.

The servant makes his promise, and ventures forth, loaded with gifts for the family of the girl he picks.

He travels far and coming to the end of the day, he settles by a well. He prays that God would make one of the girls stand out, and one does! How easy is that? Some people find the right person as easy at this, some people spend years looking.

He convinces  her parents in to allowing him to take her away and marry his masters son. Smooth talker or what? It was probably the silver bracelets he gave her casually on the way over that did it, or it could have been the camels loaded with exotic and beautiful things. Who knows.

He brings her back, and introductions are made. The kids get married and move into a tent together. Lovely.

Well what can we learn from this? A couple of things, trust in God to provide what you need.

The servant could have just searched and searched with out asking God, but he asked God to provide for him, and it was done. Simple as that, if you ask, then God will provide.

I’ve made this point before, trusting in God is key, it is everything. Iterating this point again seems pointless and important at the same time. I hate repeating myself, and having things repeated to me, but I just can’t help myself here.

So, I’ll do it again, trust is key to life. Without trust in somebody or something, life is pointless. If you don’t have friends you can trust in, who do you relax with? If you have no trust in God, how can you be confidant in whats coming next?

I trust my friends to be my friends, to be themselves, the people I’ve know to know and trust.

So when I trust God, to be God, I’m trusting him to be everything that is promised in the Bible.

In short, that He’ll love me, protect me, strengthen and encourage me.

It’s hard to explain, challenge, have a leap of faith, of trust in somebody else, or if you’re willing to go the extra step, to trust in God to provide something you need.

Trust isn’t easy, but give it a go, trust somebody new, a person, or God.


Thanks for reading.


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