Is there a 'solution' to life?

After a few long days of couch lazing and occasionally venturing to the shop, I’m breaking my pattern of lethargy and putting my brain to use.

14 episodes of the big bang theory later…

Genesis 25 is where the story moves from Abraham and Isaac onto two new characters. Jacob, and his twin brother Esau.

I’ve known various twins in my life time, I’ve also got a brother.

So when I talk about sibling rivalry, I know ALL about it. The problem for these two is they don’t seem to have any common ground. Esau is a hunter, thinks in straight lines.

Jacob however, doesn’t really seem to be a fan of physical tasks, he “stayed among the tents” what exactly he did with his time, but judging by what goes on in the passage, it was probably a little shady.



Now the story goes like this, Isaac’s wife Rebekah, spawns two children, boys, twins. Esau – born first, just, is counted as the older son, therefore he will inherit more, get the best lands, and the best blessing, and become the head of the family when his father died.

Jacob is born second, hard done out of a better position by his hairy brother.

Esau is a classic Daddy’s boy, he is all manly, he goes out hunting, catches his dad delicious meals and is manly.

Jacob, is a mummy’s boy. In a big way, he hangs about at home all day, he’s smart no doubt did well in what ever passes for “school” and he has a keen mind for trickery, stay away from this guy at April fools, that’s all I’m saying.

Despite the fact they have nothing in common apart from DNA, they have some sort of a rivalry going.

One day Esau comes home from hunting, he’s tired, probably been out for the last few days, he’s not caught anything. While he is weak, exhausted and super hungry, Jacob, with a convenient pot of soup sees an opportunity.  Here’s the play by play.

Esau – “Can I have some soup, I’m super hungry”

Jacob – “Sure, but first, give me your rights as older son, that is, head of the family when Dad dies, more money and status.”

Esau – “Seems reasonable, since if I die from starvation I won’t get it anyway”

Esau – “Done.”

In what can only be described as “in the biggest dick move of the century” Jacob has, in one fell soup *nudge* stolen alot from his brother. Like, basically, Esau’s identity. He would have been known as Isaac’s oldest son, he’s had his legacy robbed from him.

How lame is that!? or, if you’re a younger brother with serious issues with your older brother, how AWESOME is that.

Now, what to take from this? Since I can’t really lecture on how Jacob’s trickery is a terrible thing and he is punished for it later… he does go on to get screwed over later in life, but that for later.

I don’t really want to talk about valuing all those things you have, and how we shouldn’t trade them for soup.

and while I’ve been avoiding a blog on family relationships for some time, I feel it is also important to continue avoiding that theme. I want to save it for later!

So via process of elimination, I’m going back to Jacob’s actions  ripping off his brother.

It comes about because of two things.

Firstly, if you go hunting, don’t rely on catching your dinner, nobody enjoys going hungry.

Secondly, it comes down to THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. Esau should have used his brain for a few seconds, and then realized his father had MANY MANY servants, who could have made him food, if he’s just walked a little further. Not only that, it would have been for free.

So if Esau had thought about what he was doing before he did it, then perhaps the entire old testament would have been different.

In terms of doing stupid things without thinking first, I’m a champ. I do it frequently, probably every day. So when it comes to a challenge, I know instinctively, that it’s going to have to be stopping and thinking before you speak, before you act, before you buy stuff and even, before you make a move in scrabble.

Think first, act second.

Look, listen live.


Thanks for reading!



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