Is there a 'solution' to life?

Time Marches on.

A lot of life seems to involve waiting for someone, something. Waiting for buses, lectures, friends and solar eclipses.

The ability to wait is a primal function. Predators waiting for prey, prey waiting for a safe moment to venture forth. Animals of every kind, humans included, have a natural ability to wait. Although, in saying that, obviously some are much better than others when it comes to being patient.

By way of example, some people can sit and watch the world walking past, other feel the need to do something, such as writing about the nature of patience, drinking coffee, listening to music, or even, in rare moments of insanity, they talk to the strangers sitting around them – until they move away.

Of course, waiting is all about the action at the end, or the event at the end of the wait. It might be you’re waiting for the one o’clock gun, or it might be you are waiting for the seasons to change. It’s what waiting is all about, it’s the event you are waiting for which keeps you going, if it’s important it’s easier to wait for. If it’s not important it’s much harder to wait a long time for it.

Life is about waiting. Waiting for the single, biggest most important moment.

Encountering God.

Communicating with the most powerful being in existence  is a truly awesome experience. When the time comes, and it just clicks into place… and you see God is in EVERYTHING, and it’s something you just can’t ignore anymore… it is impossible to describe.

Having an encounter with God is key to life – with out God life is pointless, when I look at things from from an atheistic point of view it looks like this

“Life as we know it is an accident, it’s pointless, directionless and completely with out any meaning.” If that’s true, how do you motivate yourself to get out of bed? You’re actions don’t matter in the long run, since you after all, just a big collection of particles which happen to stick together. By chance.

I tell you this –

Life is not a mystery . Life is God.


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