Is there a 'solution' to life?

Genesis 27

It’s pretty much one two weeks on since I started the first draft of this post, and it’s not so much a challenge with the passage, but jugling my time around.

Between classes, traveling and having this strange thing called a social life, I just don’t seem to have time to blog. But since I’ve been pestered a fair few times in the last weeks, so I figured I could donate a couple more hours to my blog.

Today’s post in on Genesis 27, just to recap what’s been going on so far, Isaac is an old, old man. He’s been living it up for YEAAAAAARS, but he’s getting on now, he’s blind, hard of hearing and doesn’t leave his tent anymore.

Here’s the passage

Isaac sends Esau off to get him some food, he’s about to hand of the reigns so to speak, and wants a decent meal in exchange for it.

Rebekah listens in, and tells Jacob, they manage to pull off the heist, Jacob steals the most valuable thing he could have. The blessing Isaac gives him is also symbolic of making him the new head of the family, CEO of the buisness, etc etc.

So, what’s it really all about eh? What is there here to learn from? Apart from the fact that it’s not cool to trick your brother and steal his inheritance out from underneath him…

It’s about God being able to work with anybody. Jacob, is clearly not a nice guy (no offence) but he seems to be a bit of a bad guy. Nevertheless God chooses him, and does AMAZING things with him! Jacob is a key member of the old testament. Through him, God brings forwards the future of His people. Jacob isn’t there just because any old guy would do… God planned Jacob to be the future of His people.

So just remember, that no matter what your character flaws, God can and will use you.

Life is not a mystery. Life, is God.


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