Is there a 'solution' to life?

So a few weeks ago I was visiting a church called Morningside Baptists. It”s a pretty good church, I went along to the evening service, and it just so happened to be the week they mixed things up a bit, and ran seminars instead of a tradition sermon.

Faced with several options, I decided that I might find the Journalling seminar most useful, as I could apply it to my blog (which at that point I hadn’t written on for weeks).

I was talking to the person next to me at the seminar (as directed) and I said, with out really thinking “My blog pretty much sums up my relationship with God… oh.” I realised that I’ve dropped the ball. Big time.

My blog is my Bible study (the majority of it anyway). So when I disappear of the face of the earth, it means my growth as a Christian has just dropped off the face of the earth as well.

I was really challenged by what my own subconscious had presented to me. Combined with my musings a week or so later “Doing things that are wrong isn’t in itself a problem. We all make mistakes, but when we know what we should do, and CHOOSE not do it, that’s when we have a problem.”

I knew, that I needed to get back to blogging, I resolved to blog all the time over the Christmas holidays, to build up a repository of blogs, and release them one per week, that way if I could take time, and put in a large amount of effort in the individual posts. Yet here we are, eleven days into the holidays, with only 3 weeks left, and I’m only working on the first post now.

Well played. I realised this, and thought “Well that’s ironic, I should read my own post on procrastination, and stop being such a hypocrite.” Yet, I didn’t. Problem.

Well, I’m getting round to yee old blog again. I’ll now be publishing a blog post every thursday. It might be short and sweet, a few words on the nature of life. It might be a 9001 word essay on how to understand the Holy Trinity. Who know’s. I will continue to work through Genesis, with the next post being a summery of the first 30 chapters, before continuing on to Chapter 31.

Thank you everybody who pestered me about my blog, even though I ignored you, thank you, to those of you who are going to read this blog as well. Please pray that I get things back on track, and that I really re-connect with God this weekend.
Matt Redman – You Never Let Go (Spotify) (Youtube)

As to the title, it really says it all. I’m not perfect, I’ve been screwing up consistantly over the past few months, in the real world as well as in my blog activities.

I’m not settling for second place. I’m not settling for an average life. I’m going back to God, He’s still waiting for me, patiently, and I won’t continue to disappoint.

Life is not a mystery, life is God, life is love, and right now, life is learning. Thanks for reading.


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