Is there a 'solution' to life?

This evening I was umming and erring about going to my Dad’s fellowship group (He’s a minister). I decided to go along, on the basis that hiding in my room would not only be rude, but also there was a guy coming to speak at it, so it could be interesting (not that my Dad isn’t interesting, but he is my Dad).

After all the bits and bobs about news and a few songs to relax, up spoke this guy Alex. He was starting his testimony – life story and how he came to know God sorta thing – and after talking about where he’d been born and where his family was from etc, he casually dropped the bombshell

“When I was in my second last year of highschool I started smoking marijuana”

At which point I snapped to attention aware that this was not going to be your average story – given how casually he’d slipped it in.

He talked about how he had got heavily into the drugs scene before moving to Scotland, and by chance he met a friend from South Africa (where he’d mostly grown up) who had just smuggled a suit case full of marijuana into the UK.

Seeing his friends with pockets full of cash and the drugs he’d been hooked on, he smuggled in a suitcase full himself.

So this guy, who I expected to just have some bogstandard message to give us, bosses out this story about drug smuggling – at this point I couldn’t stop listening, and he spent maybe an hour (I don’t know how long, I stopped looking at the clock) talking about how he’d started getting to know God while in jail (He got busted when he sent a trunk full of drugs to the UK, telling a friend it was just his clothes for uni).

It was the most amazing testimony I’ve ever heard, and now he’s heavily involved in a set of Christian rehab facilities.

Needless to say it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Another time when I got a bit of a shock, and thrown off the trail of what I thought was coming was in 6th year.

I had kinda messed up  my 5th year. I came out with 3Cs and a B at higher, enough to get me into university, but not Edinburgh. Mechanical Engineering at Edinburgh university had been my plan for a long time. Which is generally 4 Bs at higher, I figured with some good advanced highers I might get in.

So, relying heavily on Physics, applied maths and maths I start off the year with high hopes and plans of a good work ethic. My work ethic was terrible. I ended up getting booted off Physics and Applied maths, and I literally didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. My chances for Edinburgh uni – dashed, not a chance. The final nail in the coffin when my application came back with a “thanks  for applying, but no thanks.” I was so caught off guard – I’d be going through arrogantly saying “I don’t need to work! God surely wants me to go to Edinburgh and get a good degree, so He will make it happen for me!”

Clearly I didn’t know God’s plan for me. I bet He had a good chuckle at my expense when I was thinking that – now I have a good chuckle at myself!

So, this is kinda me trying to show with a few examples that life, like good novels has plot twists – we can think we have everything figured out. That we know exactly what’s going to happen tomorrow, or next week or next month, but at the end of the day, the only person who knows anything about tomorrow is God.

When I was thinking about this blog is was in light of a slight adjustment in perspective, I was reflecting tonight about life’s fickle nature, and remembered the change and that change was kind of a big turning point for me, and my personality, so I felt the need to share.


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