Is there a 'solution' to life?

It’s been ages since I last blogged, I kind of regret that, and I kind of don’t. I’ve been very busy with uni exams, and then I got a job. Between work and rushing around between here and Glasgow for Christmas I completely forgot about my blog.

But I’m back, so prepare to receive irregular updates about my irregular posts.

Christmas is about family, and new year is about your friends. Has anybody else ever through about our winter period before? Both days are celebrations, one celebrates a thing that happened over 2000 years ago, and one celebrates the future.

One tends to be about our families, and giving gifts and receiving gifts etc. etc.  New years other (in modern times) seems to be an excuse to have a big night out, since there is a national holiday the day after, because heck, let’s start the new year with a massive hangover! What a great way to start the year!

Christmas and new year are relevant  (it’s a very loose connection to the very last verse in the passage but try to stay with me) because I have a terrible memory, and sometimes by new year I’ve forgotten half of what I got for Christmas, go on, ask me what I got last year (I remember a space hopper from my sister).

This blog actually has very little to do with Christmas or new year, it’s all about new today and gone tomorrow. Cool today, uncool tomorrow, and totally retro next week. (that’s a kind of sketch “this is what it’s all about” just another loosely related point)

When I was at Central church in Edinburgh tonight during the service I had loads of really great idea’s about what I was going to blog about, I was like “Oh yeah, do this, and then write that one and publish it next week.” It was great, and then I got home, and turned on the laptop wrote an email to a friend and completely forgot what I wanted to say. Which totally relates to Christmas and new year and is very coherent, but this is where it gets good.

I fell back onto genesis because when in doubt I’ve found it’s best to turn to the Bible.
Genesis 40 is about when Joseph is in prison. Although he’s not really a prisoner as such any more, he seems to be some kind of manager or something, high profile prisoners are placed under his (limited) authority for him to look after.

Joseph is something like friends with these two guys, to the extent when they have strange dreams they talk to him about it. Perhaps they were somewhat starved for human contact, or maybe they just got on well with Joe.

Regardless Joseph listens to the dreams and tells them what they mean. I think that’s pretty cool, how many times have you woken up from a weird dream and thought “What was that all about!?” Well, if you knew Joseph or some other godly person they could tell you what it does mean. Well the cup-bearer has clearly had a good dream, and Joseph tells him good things are coming – and they do.

The baker isn’t so lucky, bad things are coming for him, which is generally bad news… I would expect being told that you’re going to be impaled on a spike, and have the crows eat your rotting flesh is gonna put a downer on your day.

Sure enough what Joseph told them comes true! The cup bearer proceeds to forget about Joseph, and leaves him trapped in the prison. His memory must be worse than mine! Somebody tells him that in three days he will be set free, and he forgets about the guy who told him! (surely that’s worse than forgetting about your Christmas presents and admitting you’re an ungrateful so-in-so?) 

It’s the forgetting I want to talk about, what is it that causes us to forget about good things? Christmas presents, blog ideas and men who can tell you the future from your dreams.

How can we forget the good things, the good times and the good plans? I think it’s because we don’t look at the roots of the ideas. The good things come from the family/friends who gave them to you, if you’re not thinking about them when you use/wear/look at the gift then you’re missing the point of giving gifts. If you’re forgetting good times maybe you’re forgetting why. The idea’s don’t stay with me till I get home because it’s where I am when they come to me. I don’t mean it’s in church that the good idea’s come to me, I mean it’s when I’m close to God that the idea’s come to me. When I am focused on God and what He has to say the ideas pour on out, but when I’m sitting at home, and I’ve been thinking about what the plan for tonight is, maybe I’m squeezing God out of the picture, and with out God the idea’s are just drying up?

So it comes down to this, is our focus in the right places? When it comes to Christmas am I thinking too much about the gift, and not enough about the giver? When it comes to fun am I remembering the good bits and forgetting why and how they were good? Is the focus on the right bits?

Not yet.

I wonder what would happen if when I left church I was more able to keep the focus on God? What would happen if I used God as the glasses I view life with? If I let God show me what was important, and was able to work with that, then what would happen?

Here’s hoping 2013 is finally the year when I can get into gear. That it’s the year in which I let Jesus take the wheel, and enjoy being a passenger in my own life?

Life is not a mystery, I think a happy life is about focusing on the on the what and who makes us happy, and taking that as a starting point.


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