Is there a 'solution' to life?

It’s been a wee while since I last blogged, so I’ll take the opportunity to update you all on me!
I’m finished at uni for the term, I’m more involved at both Central Church and Davidson’s mains Church, both in Edinburgh, as well as finally catching up on all my friends and chores etc.

Moving on from the dull stuff to Genesis 42, ( we were left on a bit of a high point for young Joesph, the prime minister of Egypt, managing everything under Pharaoh. He has successfully managed the taxation and now the distribution of wealth during a time of famine, and he must have done a pretty good job, because he’s still around.

The chapter opens with Jacob sending his sons off to Egypt in order to buy grain. The lads arrive in Egypt and are eventually brought to Joesph to decide if  they are allowed to buy grain.

Since years have passed, and Joesph is probably dressed as a very rich Egyptian they fail to recognize their brother! A mischievousness glint takes the eye of Joesph as he realise, and he sets the stage for some ironic revenge.

Well, you can read the whole story above and pick out the detail, but the whole story is drawn out and dramatic, as we will examine in the following chapters, but just now we have the stage set, one man in jail, 10 brothers and a father terrified of this powerful Egyptian. Jacob, still grief struck from the loss of Joesph now has to worry about the death of Simeon, and try to decide if he wants to risk the death of all of his sons on the chance of returning one of them.

A tricky situation all around, and the entire thing is motivated out of jealousy, revenge and other bottled up emotions.

Communication is a beautiful thing, from the outside it looks simple, these days it’s very easy, send a text, pick up the phone, type out a brief message on facebook… why you can keep the world at arms length without ever leaving your flat these days.

Yet actually communication is remarkably complicated! An exert from Wikipedia –

“When the other person or group is absorbing the message they are focused on the entire environment around them, meaning the other person uses all five senses in the interaction: 83% sight, 11% hearing, 3% smell, 2% touch and 1% taste.”

So only 11% is based on what we hear, or so it seems, which along with some other things makes me think that communication might be more complicated than it sounds (or rather looks geddit).

I reckon if the lads had actually had proper communication rather than selling their youngest brother off as a slave than things might have been different, and it Joesph had just gone “I think you guys are really lame” (although probably in more colourful language) then things might have been a little different.

Proper, healthy communication requires the the person/persons involved to make a real effort! You have to speak clearly, make your intentions clear, as well as listen (and watch clearly) to what the other person is saying, as well as what they are trying to say.

Assuming you haven’t guessed where this is going than I’ll spell it out.

Communication is actually simpler when you are talking to God than it is to other people. See, God being God, and all-knowing all-powerful and such is aware of what you are trying to say, even when our puny words don’t live up to what we are trying to express.

As for understanding what God has to say to you, that isn’t as hard as you think either. God provided us a role-model, aka Jesus, and we have a lot of resources we can look at to learn directly from him, namely the Bible, which is God’s Word. In the same way we can learn from our friend’ss and our family’s experiences in life we can learn from Jesus, who lets face it, lived a pretty good life (died a pretty nasty death as well mind) but there are lessons to be learnt regardless of your beliefs.


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