Is there a 'solution' to life?

It has been a long time since I have blogged.
I think that must be my most frequent opening, since it is almost always a long time since I have last blogged.

Quite a lot has happened since my last blog. Last you all heard via wordpress is I was employed part time, studying part time and I suppose I  was living part time, even though I didn’t express it, as I wasn’t aware of it.

I applied for the position of youth worker in a local church. I was really excited about the whole process really. The application went relatively smoothly, the interview went well, and I was invited to do a short teaching at the youth club as a follow up. That also went well! However, after missing several phone calls I received an email apologising two fold, firstly for the method of communication, and secondly that I was not the man for the job!
I have to admit, I was, and deep down still am upset about that, I thought I’d be good at the job, and to be fair, I believe I am correct in that thinking. They felt, and I honour and agree with that feeling that God was not calling me to their church, partly due to inexperience working with their kind of kids, and they felt I would struggle to drive forward their vision for the youth work in their parish.
Oh well! I believe God has something better for me in store, although from here I don’t know what that is. I do know that I’m glad to be staying at Central for the foreseeable future, and continuing to live with my community – my extended family.

How does this relate to Genesis 45? How have I managed to relate my story to that of Joseph and his brothers?

Well, for Joseph, the path had not always been clear. He was the favourite son! Things looked good for him, and then he was sold as a slave. He worked his way up the ranks in his master’s household and became second to only his master. Then he was accused of attempted rape and thrown in jail.
God rescued him from jail, and cleared a path for Joseph to quickly become the prime minister of Egypt! Second only to the pharaoh, and God!
From country bumpkin beginnings Joseph has come a long way! The path wasn’t clear. Joseph despaired at times, but eventually came to know that God was always in control. In verse 4 Joseph identifies that his brother’s actions where part of a larger plan. That God used the brother’s hatred, jealously and greed to further his plans for Israel.

In the same way, I believe God is in control of my life. While things have never been as bad for me as they where Joseph, I don’t see myself becoming the prime minister. I do, as I wrote about before, see myself continuing to develop into a man who is an instrument of God’s will – and is that not greater than being PM of Egypt?

We see in this passage with the clear vision of hindsight exactly what God had in plan for Joseph and his brother. A plan that held up God’s promise to Abraham of descendants who outnumber the stars in the sky.

God’s promise of faithfulness to me stands, for just as long as I am faithful to Him. Long may that last!

Thanks for reading folks.


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