Is there a 'solution' to life?

About… me &and my blog

So, this is my 4rd final draft of my “about me and my blog” I’ve changed alot since I started writing this blog. When I started I was 18, working part time and studying. I wrote because I felt the need to write. I didn’t know what I was writing at first, and it showed. It was a pretty poor blog in my estimation.

Then I had a brain wave, this blog is a reflection of my life, why should I try and normalise who I am for my blog? This blog is ment to be an expression of myself, and while I was at a leadership training camp, I started blogging about what we where being taught (see the lead up blogs Summer of 2011). I began blogging on some of my Biblestudies (Actually to be honest, all of them, I was pretty poor at remembering to do them) Over the summer I got REALLY into my blogging, I would blog several times a week, and at the peak I produced 5 posts in 48 hours. I realised I needed to calm down, on the advice of my best friend, and since then my frequency in posting declined, to the point that over the winter of 2011 I hardly blogged at all.

2012 came around, and I’m making this year the year I improve myself, the year I make a man out of me. A big part of that, of me is my relationship with God (I hesistate to use the term “religion”). That I’m a Christian, and following God is thus what my life should be about. So this blog is me sharing what I’ve learnt over a week. Sometimes it’s the same lesson as I’ve learnt before.

It’s not almost the end of 2012, and I’m wondering if I really have improved myself. I’ve changed a lot. That much is evident to me, and to my friends. I don’t feel different though, I feel just like me. I wonder if all the changes have been for the better. Certainly I’m making better choices, dating, going out with, and now being engaged to my fiancée Eilidh have been  big parts of this year, they  have really been the best bits of my year.

My grammar, spelling and knowledge of the english language is all rather poor. I have a good vocabulary (in my own opinion), and really write how I speak. So if you see a comma out of place, please understand that it’s there because I write how I speak. If you see a comma it’s because I’m taking a pause to breath, or trying to break up the flow of a sentence slightly. Full stops are often in the right places, and occasionally in the wrong. place, they really just act a places where I am taking a big breath, or pausing for a lot of emphasis.

In terms of me? Well, I’m 20, dress casually, struggle to get out of bed in the morning , all subject to change. A little more fixed is that I’m blonde, have blue eyes, come in at about 5ft9-10 inches(ish) don’t really wear jackets, and I like wearing shorts.

I like to play games of all sorts, I enjoy puzzles and logic in particular. I study engineering  and fortunately enjoy it, maths is my favourite subject.

My plans for life are in motion, nearly constantly, I don’t want to settle on something and then have a door closed in my face, I prefer to wonder in awe at the doors which open just before I bounce off them.

I really hope you enjoy my blog, and it helps you to understand the way I think about life, about God and about anything else that crosses my mind.

If my blog raises any qustions for you, of any nature please contact me on the email below. I check them irregularly, but I will do my best to respond to all emails. Comments on my blogs will be responded to where sensible.

Contact me at with questions/comments or feedback of any sort.


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