Is there a 'solution' to life?

Bucket list 1992- present

Things I have experienced. Some of these are good experiences, some are bad. Some are still un-experienced.

not in any real order

Be born [x]

go to uni [x]

Start a blog [x]

get a girlfriend [x] get engaged [X] get married [ ] Have kids [ ]

have friends [x] have friends I like [ ] Just kidding. Love you guys [x]

Visit another country [x]

learn guitar [ ] (in progress, slowly) learn another language [ ]

Become a leader [x]

Do a high ropes course [x]

Climb a respectable mountain [ ]

Be really good at something that doesn’t involve a computer [ ] (half completed)

Play a sport without embarrassing myself [x]

Actually decorate my bedroom [ ] Clean my bedroom (and keep it clean for at least a week) [ ]

become a member of the Church [x]

Get over myself [ ] (working on it)

Be funny [ ]

Move out [x]

stay moved out [ ]

Reference a meme to a stranger [x] Without getting a strange look [ ]

Have a stranger appreciate a meme I reference [ ]

Visit ever city in Scotland [ ]

Claim I’m giving up drinking, and then carry on [x] Realise that makes me sound like I’m an alcoholic [x]

Own a kilt [x]


But really the most important thing on this bucket list is this one

Spend time with God every day [ ]

And it’s still in progress, and always will be!



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