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Out dated belief system, irrelevant, worshipping – What you need to know about idols.

This blog post was originally going to be about worship, and pinning it down and explaining a bit of Christian jargon. I went from worship to what not to worship, and idols leapt to mind.

Going from idols and worship I thought “Blogs should be relevant”, I was on to worship idols and the 21st century. Much procrastination and several sleepless hours later I’ve decided that worship, in a Christian context, is easy enough to define.

wor·ship wûrshp)



a. The reverent love and devotion accorded a deity, an idol, or a sacred object.
b. The ceremonies, prayers, or other religious forms by which this love is expressed.
2. Ardent devotion; adoration.
v. wor·shiped or wor·shippedwor·ship·ing or wor·ship·pingwor·ships

1. To honor and love as a deity.
2. To regard with ardent or adoring esteem or devotion.
Now, when you apply that to a  Christian worshipping God that can happen practically in several ways. I think the most common is praying, maybe not the first that leaps to mind, but it’s the second meaning of the noun worship “prayers by which this love [of God] is expressed” and the second would be by singing, the songs usually talk about how wonderful God is, or something wonderful He has done for us. Although the easiest explanation I’ve found was on wiki answers Q) How do Christians worship? A) They follow their heart and follow the moves of the holy spirit Christians believe there is no specific way to worship Jesus Christ!
Which is to say the highest form of worship is striving to be like the object you worship. Copying is the highest form of flattery… you can think it through yourselves.
That’s the veg and potatoes out of the way, onto the meat of the blog.
Idolatry is a common theme in the old testament, by which I mean every problem in the old testament is either directly because of idolatry, or because of God losing patience with the idol-worshippers and them suffering the consequences of ignoring God.