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“This is the best Christmas present ever.” Wait, what did you get me again? (Also genesis40)

It’s been ages since I last blogged, I kind of regret that, and I kind of don’t. I’ve been very busy with uni exams, and then I got a job. Between work and rushing around between here and Glasgow for Christmas I completely forgot about my blog.

But I’m back, so prepare to receive irregular updates about my irregular posts.

Christmas is about family, and new year is about your friends. Has anybody else ever through about our winter period before? Both days are celebrations, one celebrates a thing that happened over 2000 years ago, and one celebrates the future.

One tends to be about our families, and giving gifts and receiving gifts etc. etc.  New years other (in modern times) seems to be an excuse to have a big night out, since there is a national holiday the day after, because heck, let’s start the new year with a massive hangover! What a great way to start the year!

Christmas and new year are relevant  (it’s a very loose connection to the very last verse in the passage but try to stay with me) because I have a terrible memory, and sometimes by new year I’ve forgotten half of what I got for Christmas, go on, ask me what I got last year (I remember a space hopper from my sister).

This blog actually has very little to do with Christmas or new year, it’s all about new today and gone tomorrow. Cool today, uncool tomorrow, and totally retro next week. (that’s a kind of sketch “this is what it’s all about” just another loosely related point) (more…)