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Exploring a call…

First off, I’d like to make my standard opening mentioning how long it has been since my last blog… 3 weeks is actually a lot better than it has been, so I guess I have that going for me now.

I guess today’s (perhaps tonight’s is more applicable) blog is entirely (hyperbole) inspired by a friend who messaged me after my last facebook post to tell me I was

“a brilliant witness here on Facebook, I wish I had half your courage! “

I have to admit hearing that felt pretty good. Since the person who made it has no exposure to my life apart from facebook these days I have to say it is a nice compliment.

It got me thinking. Maybe I’m a great witness on Facebook, maybe I’m even anĀ ok witness in the real world as well.
Perhaps, these two worlds don’t need to be held at arms reach. Perhaps the world (like, all 30 odd people who will eventually stumble across this) is ready for some real honest to God (literally) honesty.

I am by nature of being a human, a sinner – which simply means I’M NOT PERFECT. There, I said it once, don’t make me say it again, I don’t know if my ego can handle such self-centered humility. (Isn’t it interesting how in Christian circles admitting that you aren’t perfect nearly defeats the purpose – “I’m such a good Christian I know I’m not a good Christian” – how meta is that!?) (more…)