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What is Praying? Why should I Pray? How do I Pray? When and Where do I Pray?

So, Yesterday I was talking about Lent, explaining about Lent is about making it easier to grow closer to God. I didn’t cover how to do that though.


Having a relationship with God, is the same in many ways as having a relationship with another human. To make a relationship work you need one thing. Communication. You can’t have a relationship with somebody you’re not talking to.

Prayer is talking to God, it sounds so simple, but there is so much unessential baggage attached to prayer. When we think about prayer you maybe think of a minister/pastor/priest standing at the front of a church, or school assembly and rambling on and on. It can be hard to follow what’s being said, especially when fancy language is used.

Saying that, sometimes a long prayer being said for everybody is important, but more on that later!

Prayer is talked about in the Bible, in the letter written by James (one of my favourite letters), James talks about when we should pray. Psalms is basically a book of prayers to God.

Jesus teaches about prayer as well.



What is Lent all about, and what does it have to do with pancakes?

So, today Wednesday the 22nd of Febuary is the first day of Lent in 2012… Which is all well and good, but what is Lent? Why do people give things up? What on earth does it have to do with pancakes?

Lets start at the start, where did lent come from originally?

Lent is how Christians remember the time Jesus spent in the desert. Just after Jesus was baptised He went into the desert, and prepared for his ministry. Kind like an athletes pre-season warm ups.