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Easter camp, a fresh start and a new perspective – Gensis37

I have been away from my blog for several weeks, and for no good reason. I’ve been a little bit of a slacker, but then I am a student, what do you expect?

This past week I was at a Scripture Union camp as a group leader. ( It’s quite simple, we arrive a few hours before the campers, are given last minute training and time to set up the campsite, in this case it was a large manor house called “Lendrick Muir” check it out on the SUScotland website. After setting up all that, having our trainings and briefings it’s time for the kids to arrive, they come in drips and drabs to start with as parents often drop campers off earlier than the organised coaches arrive. Then the main coaches arrive and we introduce ourselves to our groups, make sure everybody has a name badge.

We then run through the program over the next 6 and a half days. We play widegames like capture the flag in areas which are staggeringly beautiful and varyingly muddy! As well as activities like archery, trail biking, go-karting low and high ropes courses. These are lead by trained activities instructors, along with an activity new to Lendrick Muir – raft building. This is a lot of fun, and if you’re an old hat with SU and have been to lendrick muir a bazillion times, then it’s worth going back at least once more to try and get a shot in their lochen.

I was with a group of young boys for raft building, and after our briefing, and walk to the small lake/very large pond we were showed a good solid knot and the campers set to work while I sat back and watched.

They took a while to get started with arguing and “discussions” about the “design” of the raft. They eventually finished the raft, and I was rowed out to an island about 20-30 meters away from the shore, almost the length of the lake, and left their to wait.

Wait I did, for quite sometime, until the instructor in charge called to them from his canoe saying they had to go back to shore… leaving me on the island.

Feeling buoyed up by my lifejacket (:D) I walked into the water, which was freezing and swam after the raft, even with my terrible swimming I soon caught up and was just in time to sit on a barrel and “accidently” knock a few campers into the water while a photographer for SU was happening by.  This seemed like a good idea at the time, and was great till I moved to end of the barrel, causing it to flip out from under the raft and begin floating away. Immediately the corner of the raft began to sink. (more…)