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Genesis 38. Sex, prostitutes and failed relationships.

So, blogging has become and infrequent occurrence. I get really good idea’s while I’m sitting in church listening to a sermon, or having a really good conversation. However, when I arrive home, and turn on my laptop, I’ve finished thinking about the topic, and the will to write on it has gone. Rather frustrating really.

Life is all good at the moment, university is going smoothly, I have a lot of work, yet it’s not overwhelming. I recently got engaged, and life with Eilidh, my fiancée is pretty good. We spend a lot of time together, and it’s wonderful. Life goes on, in a wonderful meandering fashion, and I enjoy it.

Yet my blog calls! It’s still sitting in my favourites bar, yet has slipped out of my top 8 most visited pages. So, a re-haul is in order! Either of my blog, or my habits. I feel that it’s the habits that need to change, since my blog still needs to be finished, I have Genesis to finish regardless of any of my other idea’s I want to post about.

So, Genesis.

Genesis 38 infact, now Genesis 38 is an interesting chapter, which focuses around sex and prostitutes. Who ever said the Bible isn’t interesting?

My brief paraphrase is below.

It follows on from just after Joseph was sold into slavery, the brothers are continuing their lives without him. We focus on Judah, who has moved out, got married and had a son called Er, and a few more besides him. Many years must have passed, because his son Er, is now of marrying age (IE in his teens).

Er gets married to a woman called Tamar. However, we’re told Er was evil, and he dies (put to death by the Lord). Tamar wasn’t preggers though, and custom dictated that she must have a child to carry on her husbands name. So, her brother in law, Onan (Judah’s second son) is told he has to knock her up.