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Gender roles in the Church Leadership – Yes or No… or that’s not even a P.C. phrase anymore…

For the past few days, I’ve been searching for a new topic, I didn’t feel quite ready to continue on in Genesis, but knew I had to be on the look out for a topic to write about.
I came across it this evening in the pub, I feel as a student all of my thinking “should” be done either in a pub, the library or heaven forbid… a lecture theater!

I had an excellent discussion with a few friends in the pub (don’t worry I’ve had plenty time to sober up!), and when walking home with two different friends, who weren’t in the original group I asked the same question –

What do you think of women being Church Leaders?

To clarify, not women leading the within a church, but being the head honcho – the Lead Pastor, or Senior minister, what ever your terminology – within a church and the Church how would you feel if the buck stopped with a woman?

I think we agreed to some extent that it was non-issue, and Leadership in Churches (and anything else really) has to be decided on a case… The three of us agreed presented with a man and a woman both going for the same task, you shouldn’t pick the woman because she’s a woman, or the man because he’s a man. The important thing is determining who is best suited to the roll, and in a church environment if that person is called to be the leader of that church. (more…)


Tiny Cogs in Big Machines – The Invention of Lying

I’ve had a really interesting day to day (in my opinion any way) I got up,  tided a little bit, saw my fiancee and met up with a friend, we hung out, watched some films, a little bit of Dexter, and then went to the cinema with my brother and some other friends.
The film was Iron Man three, it lacked the things I loved about the first and the second, but made up for it in other ways. If you enjoyed the first and second movies then I recommend you watch it.

Although, as interesting as that part of the day was, what really stood out for me was watching “The Invention of Lying”

The Invention of Lying is a 2009 fantasy romantic comedy film that was written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson.

One of my friends who was watching described it as “basically Ricky Gervais’ attack on religion. Sure enough after after having watched about half of it, I began to feel defensive and attacked. After watching the entire thing I found myself ironically enchanted by my experience of Christianity.

Certainly I felt a fair few connections to the ideas implied by the film, but that was from when I was about 10. See, when I was 10 I didn’t really know anything about “being a Christian” I knew a lot about what a Christian was, somebody who did what God said… followed all the rules and did their best to be a good person.

That doesn’t actually have much to do with being a Christian though. (more…)

Words sometimes fail us… Revenge is a dish best served cold. Genesis 42

It’s been a wee while since I last blogged, so I’ll take the opportunity to update you all on me!
I’m finished at uni for the term, I’m more involved at both Central Church and Davidson’s mains Church, both in Edinburgh, as well as finally catching up on all my friends and chores etc.

Moving on from the dull stuff to Genesis 42, ( we were left on a bit of a high point for young Joesph, the prime minister of Egypt, managing everything under Pharaoh. He has successfully managed the taxation and now the distribution of wealth during a time of famine, and he must have done a pretty good job, because he’s still around.

The chapter opens with Jacob sending his sons off to Egypt in order to buy grain. The lads arrive in Egypt and are eventually brought to Joesph to decide if  they are allowed to buy grain.

Since years have passed, and Joesph is probably dressed as a very rich Egyptian they fail to recognize their brother! A mischievousness glint takes the eye of Joesph as he realise, and he sets the stage for some ironic revenge. (more…)

Easter camp, a fresh start and a new perspective – Gensis37

I have been away from my blog for several weeks, and for no good reason. I’ve been a little bit of a slacker, but then I am a student, what do you expect?

This past week I was at a Scripture Union camp as a group leader. ( It’s quite simple, we arrive a few hours before the campers, are given last minute training and time to set up the campsite, in this case it was a large manor house called “Lendrick Muir” check it out on the SUScotland website. After setting up all that, having our trainings and briefings it’s time for the kids to arrive, they come in drips and drabs to start with as parents often drop campers off earlier than the organised coaches arrive. Then the main coaches arrive and we introduce ourselves to our groups, make sure everybody has a name badge.

We then run through the program over the next 6 and a half days. We play widegames like capture the flag in areas which are staggeringly beautiful and varyingly muddy! As well as activities like archery, trail biking, go-karting low and high ropes courses. These are lead by trained activities instructors, along with an activity new to Lendrick Muir – raft building. This is a lot of fun, and if you’re an old hat with SU and have been to lendrick muir a bazillion times, then it’s worth going back at least once more to try and get a shot in their lochen.

I was with a group of young boys for raft building, and after our briefing, and walk to the small lake/very large pond we were showed a good solid knot and the campers set to work while I sat back and watched.

They took a while to get started with arguing and “discussions” about the “design” of the raft. They eventually finished the raft, and I was rowed out to an island about 20-30 meters away from the shore, almost the length of the lake, and left their to wait.

Wait I did, for quite sometime, until the instructor in charge called to them from his canoe saying they had to go back to shore… leaving me on the island.

Feeling buoyed up by my lifejacket (:D) I walked into the water, which was freezing and swam after the raft, even with my terrible swimming I soon caught up and was just in time to sit on a barrel and “accidently” knock a few campers into the water while a photographer for SU was happening by.  This seemed like a good idea at the time, and was great till I moved to end of the barrel, causing it to flip out from under the raft and begin floating away. Immediately the corner of the raft began to sink. (more…)

What is Praying? Why should I Pray? How do I Pray? When and Where do I Pray?

So, Yesterday I was talking about Lent, explaining about Lent is about making it easier to grow closer to God. I didn’t cover how to do that though.


Having a relationship with God, is the same in many ways as having a relationship with another human. To make a relationship work you need one thing. Communication. You can’t have a relationship with somebody you’re not talking to.

Prayer is talking to God, it sounds so simple, but there is so much unessential baggage attached to prayer. When we think about prayer you maybe think of a minister/pastor/priest standing at the front of a church, or school assembly and rambling on and on. It can be hard to follow what’s being said, especially when fancy language is used.

Saying that, sometimes a long prayer being said for everybody is important, but more on that later!

Prayer is talked about in the Bible, in the letter written by James (one of my favourite letters), James talks about when we should pray. Psalms is basically a book of prayers to God.

Jesus teaches about prayer as well.


What is Lent all about, and what does it have to do with pancakes?

So, today Wednesday the 22nd of Febuary is the first day of Lent in 2012… Which is all well and good, but what is Lent? Why do people give things up? What on earth does it have to do with pancakes?

Lets start at the start, where did lent come from originally?

Lent is how Christians remember the time Jesus spent in the desert. Just after Jesus was baptised He went into the desert, and prepared for his ministry. Kind like an athletes pre-season warm ups.