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Satisfaction – having my head screwed on right!

So this week I was on a Scripture Union camp, I’ve mentioned them a fair few times on here. This camp was pretty new for me, I’ve never done such a large camp before! 110 campers, and a team of 55, makes a lot of people living in a relatively small space.

As always in an SU camp we follow a fairly standard plan, breakfast, a time for games together, to be loud and shoutey and excitable as a whole camp, and then smaller activities ranging from football to raftbuilding, archery and high ropes courses (This year including “nail bar”) and crafts and more and more! Then lunch and more activities, then some free time, in which campers can chat, play team games, or pool and table tennis, go for walks have some alone time, what ever they want – within reason. Then dinner and then an evening activity which is generally all together, hunt the leader/catch the leader, giant cludo, a ceilidh/foam party (which was so amazing), which is either before or after a teaching session, this year we had group time (in our smaller groups), watched a video  as well as having amazing worship all together in our large group of ~160.

But for those of you who where at camp with me, it might well all be a blur of good times, food, banter and learning. While in the morning team meeting (Which took place before breakfast 😦 ) we worked the beatitudes.

I’m not here to talk about the beatitudes though, that’s for another time. I’m here because of something the team leader reiterated to us a few times over the week. That we shouldn’t go away from camp and be sad, but we should leave happy, and full of joy, knowing that God’s work has been done this week.

It’s quite a challenge to me, and I’m sure to a large portion of the team as well as the campers! (more…)